The Indémodable Dress

Bonjour, everyone!

You’ve probably noticed by now that I love giving a name to each dress I make. I called that one L’Indémodable. A Little Black Dress can never go out of fashion, right?

I made this dress last spring, actually – in April, I believe. I have worn it several times since then, but until yesterday evening, either I kept forgetting to review it.

The pattern is New Look 6643, and I give it an A+!

The dress went together very smoothly and quickly, and since I’m used to the New Look patterns, I knew exactly what size alterations to make. Here, I cut an 8 for the front and a 6 for the back; and I didn’t need to change a thing from there. That dress fits like a glove while being very comfortable.

The fabric is a 3-metre cut I got at a sale last year in a Paris store. They were selling 3-metre cuts of “clothing fabric” for 6€. I believe this is a poly-cotton blend. I’m making a pair of pants with the leftover fabric.

This is an easy pattern, but I did learn a new technique with it: creating a back vent. The explanations were very clear. You can see the vent on the side picture (we forgot to take a picture of the back!).

I would love to make that dress again in a Liberty print for next spring.
I love that dress – I always feel elegant and at ease when wearing it, which is saying a lot as I have a critical self-image (who hasn’t), especially when it comes to clothes I’ve made. The V-neck makes it different from the other sheath dresses I own – and from most RTW sheath dresses as well. Another neat feature is the fact that the shoulders are slightly off, oblique rather than straight. It is a discreet, yet graceful detail.

The shoes are new 🙂

Although I made the dress last spring, I am incorporating it into my autumn wardrobe (especially now that summer has finally reached Paris… 3 months late!). I have been planning a wardrobe for the cold season in black/anthracite and white, with just a touch of colour. I finished sewing another black (knit) dress last week, and there’s a pair of black pants in the making, as well – after that, there’ll be a blouse and a skirt. Then, we’ll see. 🙂

The challenge, as always, shall be to keep it free from kitty hair!

34 thoughts on “The Indémodable Dress

  1. ollie1976 says:

    Very cute dress….as for the cat hair….I have no idea! I live with 4 and I always have cat hair on everything-sometimes tape works in picking it up off clothes but only for a short time, especially if your cat loves spending quality time on your lap.-Jen


  2. Tini says:

    gorgeous. We made myself a dress form using this sticky brown paper. If you like to try it, I still have tons of this paper and I’ll be happy to send it to you.As for cat hair. We do have a lint-roller (not the right word but what is Fusselrolle in English? ) that is sticky and you just can pull the sheets off when not sticky anymore. This does pic up cat hair pretty well (mine are 1/4 Maine coon, so they do shed A LOT of hair 🙂 )


  3. Lauren says:

    What a lovely dress! You are so talented! As for kitty hair… well, my Tuck is nearly as fluffy as P’tite Mignonne, and I’ve just accepted that cat hair is a necessary “accessory” for clothes. Especially black clothes.


  4. Pinky says:

    really gorgeous !I wear few black cothes so I have no problem with Milka who is mostly white 🙂I am drawing a pattern of a dress ( a jumper ?), which is in the same style as yours but it will be in beige and maybe with some touches of green or pink.. I don’t know..But I have to finish my work in my kitchen, this week end will be dedicated to electricity !!


  5. Von says:

    That dress will indeed transcend time! A true classic that you can add accessories too to update. Can’t wait to see the Liberty version. I almost swoon at the thought of Liberty fabrics. The cost has prevented me from buying much to date. But one day I will succumb to the call. 😀


  6. Sylvie says:

    That dress is beautiful and fits you so well. Do you remember I told you that there are several patterns I’d like to order, this is one of them 🙂I am sorry I can’t help with the cat hair problem as I have the same problem…(((hugs)))


  7. Judith says:

    Love the dress, what I do for kitty hair, well first you can try to paint the cat black, than you won’t see the hairs on black fabric anymore 😉 sorry just kidding. The tip I got from my framer when I was giving him Unicorn to frame is to take a roll of tape and roll it with the sticky side outside around your fingers and than go over your fabric clapping (hope I use the correct word, but waving will not work, you will have to do a sort of up and down movement and that will help to get the hairs away and tape is easy to have with you at anytime. Already used it on a pair of pants from my DH and it worked on that also very good.You know I love my framer.


  8. Summerset says:

    Yes, this is such a classic dress and a great look for you!I hear you on the dress form! I have a petite and the shoulders/neck can not be adjusted small enough for my frame.As far as the cat hair, I’ve found that clear packing tape removes it quickly and it’s cheap! I use the same method as Judith above – the motion is like tapping it to the surface of the fabric, letting it stick a bit and then pulling away, trapping the cat hair on the sticky part of the tape.


  9. Lisbeï says:

    Hello my dear friend !I can make you an offer : when your wear that dress, I can lend you my two black cats, and you lend me Miss Fluffy …. But I must warn you … with the two black cats come two dogs with a lot of white, black and caramel hairs …Well, enough laughing, your little black dress (isn’t it the title of a French book, by Christian I-don’t-remember-his-surname ?) is very pretty, and you’re looking quite grown-up in it, the very working-girl …And for the jacket, I will vote now !Big kisses and good week-end !


  10. drsister says:

    It is a beautiful dress and more importantly makes you look really good. Kitty is also beatiful and looks much like my Gracie. My best cat hair strategy is one of those sticky rollers. I keep one in the car and before getting in run it over every inch of myself. Otherwise I’m covered everywhere I go. (I live in Midwest US – so the car is the only way to leave home). But maybe on of those at the door on the way out! Kathryn


  11. Yulwen says:

    I make it quick, before my internet connexion takes some holidays again …Your dress is very nice and indeed she will stay “indémodable” 🙂Miss Fluffy is very cute on this picture 🙂 as always 😉 (I have to post some others pictures of her on my blog …).I’m glad you spent a nice week end last week.Hugs.


  12. Anonymous says:

    I love the dress! and the shoes! As for the cat hair issue, I use either a lint roll like Tini described above or packaging tape. But usually, I make cotton garment bags for my “difficult and/or delicate” clothes (my cats love my closet!).La Karibane


  13. Flo says:

    Bonjour ma belle,cette robe est magnifique. J’adore ce style et elle te va très bien. very Classy!Une conférence en Italie? Ben voyons…. mes respects Madame!Sur quel thème?Et cette petite coquine qui se prélasse prête à laisser ses poils voleter ça et là!! Elle est tellement jolie!!Allez, je retourne au post de la t’embrasse


  14. stitcherw says:

    Your dress looks wonderful, and you’re right on little black dresses always being in style. As to the kitty hair, with all the furbabies I have all I can say is lint rollers. I have them at home, in the car, and at work. Even then I still have problems, but at least most of the time the fur contribution is kept to a minimum, LOL.Sue


  15. Kaitlin says:

    I love the dress, and you look fabulous in it! It fits you perfectly! I bet you could have a lot of fun with accessories, especially necklaces with the pretty V-neck. I think I need to pick up this pattern..


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