Machine Embroidery, P'tite Mignonne, Simplicity

Pyjama Party in 5 Easy Steps

1. Take a cuddly, fluffy kitty

2. Take a cosy wool jersey matching your cat’s colour.
Cut out cute and comfy pajamas.

3. Personalize the pyjamas appropriately:

Embroider the pants’ cuffs with kitty paws

Adorn the top with a spiffy cat

4. Sew up the pyjamas,
working out the patterns’ kinks and adding your own touches
(pattern review and details to follow)

5. Put pyjamas on. Take kitty in your arms.


58 thoughts on “Pyjama Party in 5 Easy Steps”

  1. Nice jammies!=) I wish we could have a cat, but aren’t allowed animals in this building.Don’t apologise for not keeping up to date with blogs – there’s more to life than the WWW and blogging.=)


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