Pyjama Party in 5 Easy Steps

1. Take a cuddly, fluffy kitty

2. Take a cosy wool jersey matching your cat’s colour.
Cut out cute and comfy pajamas.

3. Personalize the pyjamas appropriately:

Embroider the pants’ cuffs with kitty paws

Adorn the top with a spiffy cat

4. Sew up the pyjamas,
working out the patterns’ kinks and adding your own touches
(pattern review and details to follow)

5. Put pyjamas on. Take kitty in your arms.


58 thoughts on “Pyjama Party in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Pinky says:

    “Kawaïïïïï” as Japanese girls say 🙂This week end was celebrated Milka one year !Saturday I met Justine, we did shopping in Marché St Pierre and we discussed in front of a hot chocolate… a really pleasant moment, I hope next time you’ll join us !


  2. paco peralta says:

    Isabelle .- pajamas you became precious, but the cat is still more precious. I had a cat race “chartreause” called “Antonia”, which lived 20 years and was the best of my company during this time. I am so glad to see you in the picture: “Isabelle + pajamas + cat” brilliant !!!!. A hug. Paco


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello my dear friend !What a good recipe ! I’ve got a few “ingrédients”, a cat (not so fluffy, but it will do just the same), no, two, and Bounty wants to be part of it too !!!!Have a good week and dreamy nights in a so pretty pyjama !Big kisses !


  4. Mymy-le-Chat says:

    En voici un mignon pyjama avec les empreintes de matou et la silhouette. Et ne me dis pas que c’est la Ptite Mignonne qui a sali ses pattounes, je ne te croirais pas, car ta minette est trop bien élevée pour se salir les coussinets.Bises


  5. Nancy W. says:

    I love these kitty jammies! I would have to make mine orange, though, since that’s my kitty color. He is my constant companion whenever I get near the cutting table. He’s all over it – literally!


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