Simplicity 4022 – Sleeve or No Sleeve?

I took a much welcome break in my work this weekend and played with Simplicity 4022.

I am/was planning on making the same view that the model is wearing, with the bell sleeves. The fabric I’m using is a black and white Liberty lawn, very lightweight:

I only need to prepare and set in the sleeves and hem the top… But it turns out I’m undecided about the sleeves. When I tried the blouse for a last fitting before setting in the sleeves, Seb said it was cute as a sleeveless blouse.

(the top isn’t hemmed yet and I’m not sure how long I want it to be).

By the way, I am wearing it here with my new Plain and Simple Everyday Pants (by Hot Patterns). I will photograph and review those properly as soon as I get my act together and hem them! I just felt more like starting a new fun project this weekend to refresh my mind.

The advantage to the sleeveless version is that I can wear the top in the summer, and layer it in colder weather, like here:

(I think I like it better layered over a top!)
Of course, I could (and would definitely) layer the top even if it had sleeves. But the sleeveless top might be more versatile.

Personally, I love the bell sleeves and am still thinking adding them might be the best option. I’m thinking the top would be classier and more distinctive with the sleeves. But Seb’s remark made me waver, so I would be interested in your opinion.


PS: I took these pictures with my self-timer, and used a tripod for the first time. My tripod is my new best friend!

30 thoughts on “Simplicity 4022 – Sleeve or No Sleeve?

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hooray for the tripod! But I can’t help you on the sleeves. Yes, the top is cute without them, but you started the pattern because it had cute sleeves. Glad to see you back at your lovely sewing.


  2. Hala says:

    Hello my dearest , am glad to come over and read you after this vaccation of mine…..i will try to catch up with the reading and indulge myself with your creativity….take carekisses


  3. Ann's Fashion Studio says:

    I think the sleeveless is nice too, however you “seem” to be thinking/wanting sleeves 🙂 so I would go with sleeves and make another one since it’s such a nice style;) The fit is perfect and the pants look really good too. I love black and white outfits.


  4. Berry says:

    Est-ce qu’on peut voter deux fois? Je m’explique, j’adore les deux versions. Je trouve que la version sans serait parfaite pour l’été, voire le printemps et la version avec plus adaptée à maintenant. Mais si tu veux pouvoir le porter quelque soit la saison, mieux vaut le garder sans manche et superposer les couches ou pas… Allez c’est décidé, je vote 1 fois ;o)


  5. Tracy says:

    VERY cute top, Isabelle! I vote sleeveless–that way you’re good for summer, but can do as you have for winter with a pretty sleeved top under! I like the fabric you’ve chosen too. Happy sewing ((HUGS))


  6. Flo says:

    Sans manche!!!mais l’autre est joli aussi.. mais non, je reste sur ma position: sans manche. D’autant plus que ça te permet de le porter de 2 façons. C’est aussi très joli avec un dessous noir.ce tissu est vraiment très joli.Nous pensons fort à toi.Je t’embrasse.


  7. LauraLo says:

    I like it very much without sleeves and layered over another top. But… I bet those bell sleeves will look great on you (don’t know why but they really are your style, in my opinion) so I vote for making another top with bell sleeves and keep this one sleeveless.


  8. Lisbeï13 says:

    Hello ma chère Isabelle !Ce soir, c’est version en français et sans manche pour moi, please … En fait, je trouve le modèle avec les manches vraiment joli, d’esprit très romantique, mais sur toi, et avec ce joli décolleté carré, le sans manche me plaît encore plus ! Du coup, il ne te reste plus qu’à en faire deux, un pour ta garde-robe printemps-été, et l’autre pour ta garde-robe automne-hiver !Bravo pour tout ce que tu réalises, c’est magnifique !Gros bisous et à bientôt !


  9. Gosia says:

    I think the sleeveless version is cute, but the sleeves are what really makes it. I’d put them in 🙂Of course making another one would be a very tempting option for me 😉 😉 😉


  10. designdreamer says:

    I voted for “with sleeves” but I DO like it without also. Since I know how expensive liberty fabric is, and I’m guessing you have just enough for the sleeves, I would add the sleeves to this version, and make another sleeveless. I think that the contrast with the dark top layered underneath is what many of us like also, so . . . I’m going to suggest you add some dark trim a la the pattern envelope. JMHO.


  11. La Bergère Brodeuse says:

    J’adore les deux versions Isabelle. En fait, j’en ferais deux copies, une avec manche et une sans manche. Je trouve que la longueur présente te va bien, surtout lorsque tu le portes avec le chandail noir en dessous. J’espère que tout ira mieux pour toi et les tiens. Je vous garde tous dans mes prières. Porte-toi bien 🙂


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