Simplicity 4022 – finished

So I set in a sleeve…
And there was no looking back.

Boy, don’t I look smug. What can I say. I had just set in the sleeves and was feeling happy!

Thanks very much to everyone who gave their opinion! I just loved reading your comments; and thank you for being so many to vote!
I guess this one was meant to have sleeves. But, as several of you suggested, I might totally make another one sans sleeves, for summer. Great idea!

Top on its own (unlayered).
Sorry I look tousled and wan and all – I was (am!) on my way to bed.


I’ll hem the top and snip the dangling threads ASAP (I do want to wear it soon!), and then post better pictures and a review for you.

Sorry for making this quick and dirty, but it is late and I need to get up real early tomorrow.

Good night, everyone! Thanks again.


46 thoughts on “Simplicity 4022 – finished

  1. coonieandplume says:

    C’est vraiment très joli et cela te va si bien. Et puis quelle excellente idée de la refaire sans les manches une prochaine fois.Par contre, je te trouve toute tristoune et fatiguée sur les photos…Je te fais de gros gros bisous !


  2. stitcherw says:

    Very cute, and the sleeves look quite fun with it. Also, I think the idea of making a second without sleeves is a good one, you’d have a bit of variety and could pick one or the other depending on the weather or your mood.Sue


  3. Susan says:

    The top is adorable! I love it layered and alone. I also think if you decide to make a sleeveless version later that will look great as well. You can’t lose with this top no matter what you do with it. It’s a great style on you. Well done! It’s so nice to have you back.


  4. CraftyAngie says:

    I really like the top! Looks great. Been reading for a little while and just noticed that we’ve purchased very similar patterns in the past (if not the same)Can’t wait to see the beauties you create with them 🙂


  5. Tracy says:

    Lovely top, Isabelle! I voted no sleeves, but now seeing the sleeves in, and your choice of fabric–it’s all a good match! It’s a very flattering silhouette, is that top. Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))


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