Burda Wrap Top

The pattern is from the January issue of Burda magazine (#116). Back in January, Summerset kindly offered to trace it for me when I admired her own version; she also sent me a satiny jersey that was just perfect for this top (along with lots of other thoughtful gifts, too!).

I cannot say much else about the pattern than has already been said… It’s a clever design and comes together easily.
Since I started this at a time when I was in a frenzy, I finished the edges with a rolled hem on my serger to speed up the process (you could also do this on a sewing machine, with a satin stitch = a narrow zigzag stitch).
The body section’s neckline is elasticized, so that it doesn’t gape. Looking at the pictures, though, I realize that a bit of elastic along the ties around the neck may not be a bad idea either, as it has a tendency to curl outwards. Another proof that blogging definitely improves our sewing skills!

Summerset’s fabric is deliciously smooth against the skin, and I adore wearing this top. For work, I layer a black tee underneath for modesty (and extra warmth!). On weekends and evenings, I wear it on its own. This top has become my new favourite in my wardrobe.

34 thoughts on “Burda Wrap Top

  1. Lisbeï says:

    Hello my dear friend !Your top is very pretty, and you too wearing it !I like the back of your new dress very much too, and I’m sure the front do it honour … and the colour is beautiful !And I’m happy to see in those pictures that you look less tired than lately !Big kisses to you and to Little Miss Fluffy !


  2. LauraLo says:

    The top is beautiful and you look great in it! J’ai l’impression que tu as maigri… Est-ce que tu prends soin de toi, ma mignonne?My camera is getting old too and it is so frustrating… yuck.Un gros bisou, Isabelle, je suis contente d’avoir de tes nouvelles!


  3. Carolyn (cmarie12) says:

    It’s so great to see you back and sewing! The pieces are wonderful and I can’t wait to see the front of the red dress! The fabric for the trench sounds amazing…so I know another wonderful version of this will be coming soon.As for the visiting of blogs, I know exactly how you feel…sometimes our lives just get so busy that it is hard to squeeze in time for all the things we enjoy and some things just have to go by the wayside for a little bit. I am sure you will be back when you have more time and I anxiously await that day!


  4. Tany says:

    You look so pretty, dear Isabelle! The top looks great on you! PERFECT!I also have problems fotographing red garments on me; my camera doesn’t respond well to the color red, unless I’m wearing it against a green background!


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