44 thoughts on “Vogue 2980 – AKA Funky Moka

  1. karenv says:

    {{{{Isabelle}}}}} I’m sorry you’ve had bad news – hope tomorrow is a better day.Your top looks gorgeous – love the collar and the print, very striking!


  2. Tany says:

    Just beautiful!I hope things will get better soon for you. I am working right now (yes, it’s saturday) and I wish I could be home sewing… Oh well…MANY HUGS to my dear friend Isabelle!!


  3. stitcherw says:

    I got a little behind in my reading and couldn’t believe all the beautiful finishes you’ve had lately that you’ve posted pictures of. The tops are all so pretty, and what fun patterns. The back of your dress looked lovely, can’t wait to see the details of the front when your camera cooperates.Sue


  4. LauraLo says:

    Hey, that’s a beautiful top and the fabric is great, makes me crave for chocolate. I’ve got some Belgian pralines waiting for me at home 🙂I do hope you’re OK. Not feeling very chatty usually means not feeling very well. Take care, my beautiful friend. I’m thinking of you.


  5. Lisbeï says:

    Bonjour ma chère Isabelle !Ce haut est vraiment très joli, j’aime beaucoup la coupe boléro, cela donne un petit effet “chic”. Et l’imprimé “graphique” est très original. Cela te va à ravir (surtout avec les cheveux relevés).Passe une bonne semaine.


  6. Lisbeï says:

    Hello my dear friend !Yes, it was a happy week-end, and the next will be just the same, cause we’re going by my mother, and we will see the whole family, and above all the latest addition to the family : our niece Allix, born yesterday !Big kisses to you, and too Lady Violet !


  7. josy26 says:

    Coucou Isabelle, je vois que tu as repris le rythme frenetique de coudre 🙂 bravo pour tous ces jolis modèles si bien portés. Comment va petit Robin ? moi, ma poupette va fêter ses 1 an …Bisous .


  8. lena-lou says:

    You are such a pretty girl you know, Isabelle :-)) Your clothes look beautiful and I love that you are making yourself so many. With the great talent you have it is so nice to see it getting used. Looking forward to seeing the front of your red dress sometime 🙂Have a lovely Easter weekend and I hope Seb is home for it :)?Take care


  9. Tracy says:

    Simply Fabulous, Isabelle! The top is wonderful, as is the kicky little bolero. This fits you so well. And the retro-style fabric is a lot of fun! As always, you did a terrific job on this set. Hope you & yours are having a lovely Easter weekend! :o) ((BIG HUGS))


  10. Margaret says:

    A Blessed Easter to you, Seb and all your loved ones {{{Isabelle}}}.You have been doing such lovely sewing and must certainly be the best dressed woman in all of Paris this spring.hugs from LV


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