Falstaff, and the Nannetta Dress


Yesterday, Seb and I were unexpectedly treated to a night at the Opéra! My brother’s girlfriend, who’s an outstanding flute player (and loves stitching! And Jane Austen! Yes, we do get on very well), was playing in the orchestra, and managed to get us tickets for the cost of a cinema seat. I am a huge, huge opera lover, but hardly ever get to go to perfomances… tickets are so expensive. This kind gesture totally made my week!

I finished this dress in the half hour before we left, just in time for the evening. As I was planning and cutting out the dress, I thought of it as a casual summer dress, but thanks to the beautiful fabric, and to the length I chose (to put the eyelet border at its advantage), it turned out dressy enough for a night at the opera.

Seb took his camera, which was a great opportunity to take pictures for the blog. I agree with Trena – taking pictures (especially with a tripod and a timer) can be tedious and time-consuming… besides, nothing beats pictures in situation! That is why, although this dress is my latest finish, it shall be the first reviewed. 🙂

Review for New Look 6774


(I put the knots lower on the straps today, they look better this way)

Fabric used:
The fabric is a cotton with an eyelet border that I got from a clearance table at the Marché Saint Pierre, the same day we chose the fabric for the Black Amethyst coat. It was 2 euro a metre, and I took one and a half.
Likes and dislikes:

I have no dislikes regarding this pattern other than it starts at a size 10. I needed to grade it down two sizes to get my fit.

Oh, and I will do a few things differently from the instructions next time, for a neater finish on the inside:
– The inside would be finished more neatly if the straps were inserted between the bodice and lining, instead of slipstiched on the outside of the lining.
– There would be no apparent waist seam allowance on the inside if the lining was slipstitched (or topstitched) to it. I’ll do these changes next time, as I didn’t have enough time to unpick and redo the seams for this dress. It makes no difference on the outside – I just like the inside to look as neat as possible.

Falstaff was wonderful. The performance was a particular success – you know, this special, magical osmosis between orchestra, singers and audience? It was all there. We had some of the best seats, too, thanks to our friend. I’ll remember this evening all my life.

After the performance, Nannetta seemed the obvious name for this dress 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely, sunny weekend 🙂

39 thoughts on “Falstaff, and the Nannetta Dress

  1. Jennifer/OH says:

    Beautiful dress. This is an excellent use of the border of the fabric. I like opera but never get to go. It is the high price and also where I live now is a ‘cultural wasteland”. My favorite is the ballet, but I haven’t been in ages, since my days living near New York. In regard to your comment on my blog….yes, I do have several patterns for 1910s style dresses. I have doll patterns and also people-sized patterns too. I find McCall’s has superb and realistic Period costume patterns.


  2. stitcherw says:

    Your dress turned out beautiful, and I’m glad you had such a good time at the opera and were able to wear it for the first time for such a special occation. Robin in the earlier post was so cute, I can’t believe how much he’s grown.Sue


  3. Tracy says:

    Oh, now pretty–you and the dress! The dress is wonderful…I love the eyelet and gray color. And what a treat to go to the opera! We love the opera and ballet…but tickets are so expensive so we seldom go :o( We leave of London on Tuedays and we’ll be away a week. I plan on a photo-heavy blog post while we’re there–LOL! Look forward to catching up with you when we get back. Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))


  4. Flo says:

    Tu es somptueuse!!Quelle merveilleuse robe! Tu as un réel talent, et tes créas te vont tellment bien!!Quelle belle soirée, j’imagine.je suis très heureuse pour toi.Je t’embrasse


  5. kitou says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj’adore la robe, la couleur et le tres beau tissutu la portes biendis moi quelle elegance !bisous et merci pour le sunny week end


  6. Tini says:

    great dress!! And nothing beats THAT price 🙂 I really need to convince DH to go to Paris with me one day (he planned to go there twice and both times his then-girlfriends broke up with him. He should be confident by now, that I won’t break up with him though…)


  7. Karen says:

    What a lovely treat – having Seb around, going to the opera and having a beautiful dress, all at the same time. I’m glad you had a wonderful time, it was probably from all the happy vibes you wer giving off.


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