Another easy top…

… Another Vogue 2980.

After my Moka version, I wanted to make a pastel, short-sleeved version for summer. You know how much I love this shade of blue… Heck, it even matches my blog’s colour scheme. Now wait – you don’t have to dress in your blog’s colour?
The fabric is a slinky knit, by the way.

I haven’t got much to say about this pattern -I just love the design, and this top comes together beautifully.

40 thoughts on “Another easy top…

  1. Lisbeï says:

    Hello ma chère Isabelle !Très joli petit haut, mais dis-moi, on dirait du velours, n’est-ce pas un peu chaud pour l’été.En tous les cas, ce belu-gris tourterelle est très doux.Bonne soirée !


  2. LauraLo says:

    Isabelle, you look gorgeous, the colour suits you perfectly indeed and I love the design of the top. I thought it was velvet too before I read further and saw it was slinky. I love your makeup too. Very flattering


  3. Karen says:

    You look wonderful and relaxed in your new top. I know it’s not over, but you can see on your face that it’s getting close. Beautiful top – not sure which one I like better, though this is a fabulous color on you.


  4. Jennifer/OH says:

    This is a lovely top. What pattern #/brand is this? I have tons of lovely soft knits that our “leotard lady” from the gym has given me. She gives me big, huge bags of her leftovers from making the team uniforms. Many of these are suitable for this top. I would like to make the long-sleeve version in a deep plum “velvet” knit.


  5. Tanya says:

    Hi Isabelle!Oh that top is lovely – looks so comfortable too. The nexk line is wonderful and I like how the shoulders shape it. Pretty! Agan, your sewing is so beautiful.Tanya


  6. Tracy says:

    Hi, Isabelle! LOVE the tops you’ve been making! This pale blue is lovely…So happy in four short months time Seb will be home again and no more back & forthing :o) So nice to catch up with your posts now we’re back. We had FAB time in London…Now resting travel-weary feet and doing lots of laundry–LOL! Talk to you soon ((BIG HUGS))


  7. Dyan says:

    That is a pretty blue, thanks for sharing your sewing adventures. I’ve been sewing more of late and find your pattern reviews really helpful as I delve into the world of garment making.Glad to hear everything is coming together with your thesis. Towards the end you just want to get it done in the most acceptable way possible, because of all the hard work you’ve put it. I hope it all goes well. Have a great weekend,Dy


  8. Lisbei says:

    Hello my dear friend !I’m thinking of you today seeing Paris on TV for July 14th ! So much people !I hope your well and you’ll see great feu d’artifice tonight !Hugs and kisses !


  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your latest finishes and your work of course! This top is my favourite as I believe that your favourite color also looks best on you 😉 Have fun! Ann


  10. Jenna says:

    The fabric and top is gorgeous! I really like the color and texture to the fabric. It looks wonderful on you. 🙂 Sounds like you are still really busy with writing right now. Even if you are polishing your thesis, you are still writing more papers? Goodness!


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