The Knit Knot Top

Simplicity 4076 – view F

Bonjour bonjour, friends!

I hope you’re not tired of seeing my easy tops yet…
They’re just the thing I need in these days of intense work and growing exhaustion… They take little time to do, and only require minimal involvement from a tired brain. 😉 I will tackle more ambitious projects when life goes back to normal in a month or so.

The fabric choice is all thanks to you friends… You were many to comment on my Cyclamen top and to remark that this colour suited my complexion.
Now you guys deserve to know a little secret… I’m not sure I would have ever willingly bought such a colour… I got it online and it was a much more subdued and dark (purple) shade on the website. When I received it, my first impression was “Ack! I wanted a classy purple top, not a flashy pink one!” But the shade grew on me. I decided it to first give it a go with a simplistic pattern (New Look 6470), and have been astounded at how many compliments I’ve received (in real life as well, but especially on this blog and on PatternReview) about the colour!

You guys really encouraged me to use up the fabric’s remnants to make this top. This Knit Knot Top is therefore dedicated to you all!

Pattern Review for Simplicity 4076 – view F:
ETA: I wrote a more thorough review on PR.]

Probably everyone who uses sewing patterns knows about Simplicity 4076… It has almost 100 reviews on PatternReview. This is the ultimate knit top pattern, with a variety of cute styles that sew up quickly.
The only reason why I hadn’t gotten it until last month, is that it starts at a size 8. I am bummed that this blockbuster, super versatile and helpful pattern starts at a size 8. Why not start at a size 4 to make everybody happy? Please, dear Simplicity staff? I finally caved in, though. Seeing those lovely tops cropping up on PatternReview and on my favourite sewing blogs proved too frustrating.

A tip about the neckline:
Many reviews on PR mention that the twist top’s neckline is low, but a bit of tweaking cancelled out the potential indecency: I made the neckline’s hem a bit narrower to gain a bit of fabric there; more importantly, I had the center seam go a centimeter or so higher up than the dot marked in the pattern. This pushed the knot, and consequently the neckline, higher up. Easy and efficient. 🙂

51 thoughts on “The Knit Knot Top

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is me again, Nehmah. I have a quite similar pattern on a Leko disk, but due to the depth of the bustline, I have passed on it. Too much fried egg on a nail (bustline appearance)isn’t attractive. With your instructions, I will try out this one. Keep well, I will return to see what else you have done. Best witshes on the dissertation (?). You do not need luck! Nehmah


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