Burda Blouse – "L’Été enfui"

Burda World of Fashion June 2008 (Burda Tendances Modes juin 2008) – Blouse 107 B

I traced this pattern and cut out the blouse at my parents’ country house last month; but I sewed it only this week. It may appear a bit outdated, given it’s now autumn in France (and a cold one at that). I don’t care. I just had to make this light, summery little thing – and live summer through it, vicariously, and belatedly.

My Mom gave me the fabric a couple of Christmases ago. You know how it is with fabrics loved ones give you – either you make something from them straight away, or they start daunting you. What pattern would be worth this meaningful fabric, we wonder? How may I best tell the giver how much I appreciated his or her gift?

I long thought this fabric was meant for a dress. You know, the full-skirted, flowing, summery kind. It decided otherwise after I packed it along with a number of patterns – and the June issue of BWOF.

I must confess to loving everything about it – the blue, of course; the fabric’s lightness, which is reminiscent of Liberty lawn; but also, the tucks at the waist, front and back; the elastic shirring; the adorable semi-raglan, bias-bound puff sleeves.

This is an instance when I actually like the French sewing vocabulary better. “Bias-bound sleeves” translates to “manches gansées de biais”. I just love “gansées” – don’t you?


A word of warning about the sleeves, though: there is very little ease at the armscye and the bust may therefore end up a little crushed when moving the arms. I remedied that by adding as much from the seam allowance as I could into the armscye, and sewing the seam with a tiny SA (it is only 5 mm). It just about works, although a little bit more ease there would probably be better.

45 thoughts on “Burda Blouse – "L’Été enfui"

  1. Lennu says:

    It’s wonderful to see you posting again, I was happy to read that you got your big work done, congratulations! I love the blouse you made and everything you’ve shown recently. It almost makes me want to start sewing something for me again… Have a happy new week!


  2. Karen says:

    It’s always a responsibility to find the right garment for a “special” fabric like that, and you did well. The blouse is beautiful on you, and I agree, you could definitely wear it under a jacket or cardigan if your office has tropical heating. So glad you’re getting time to sew again. It’s truly great therapy when you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed by the world outside your sewing space.


  3. Tracy says:

    The blouse is so lovely, Isabelle! Everything about is delightful–especially the tucking at the waist, and treatment of the sleeves. Glad all is well after your fantic London foray…Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


  4. Kaitlin says:

    (Sorry, my last comment got a little messed up)The blouse looks great! I say let summer linger a little longer. It would definitely pair nicely with a jacket or cardigan too.Here in the midwestern US, you might see a shirt like that over a long sleeve T-shirt in the fall. The look is a little eclectic, but I like it! 🙂


  5. Jennifer/OH says:

    We had been without electricity for over one week, which meant no blog reading or commenting. I did get a glance at your updates on the computer at work, but I don’t like to use my passwords there. Finally I am back and trying desperatley to catch up. I love the new blouses and I am very glad to be “reunited” with my sewing machine now that electricity has been restored. During the time off I did work on some tiny hand-sewing of circa 1900 doll dresses. I am reading a book that shows the early works of Coco Chanel. I love her 1914-1918 collections. I was not aware of these before as in the US we only know of her famous suits of the 1950s/1960s.Hope to catch up on reading and then update my blog too. Glad to see you back.


  6. margi says:

    I have some wonderful fabric from Metro Textiles in New York and this blouse is earmarked to make in the near future. I have to agree with the sleeve issue you discussed in other Burda shirts I’ve made, and will use my sloper to remedy this. Would you say overall you are still happy with this? It looks beautiful!


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