New Look 6660 – Rhapsody in Black

New Look 6660, view B – black cami underneath was not handmade

This blouse was absolutely not planned. I was at Tissus Reine last June to look for trims or something, probably for the swimming suit; I happened to look at the New Look catalogue (browsing the catalogues there is always a treat, as the pictures are so much better and larger than on the pattern companies’ websites). My eyes fell on this pattern, and I just had to get it. Only when the clerk handed me the envelope did I realize that it was designed for juniors. At 27, I might seem too old for a junior pattern; but my measurements still matched, and I am very small (1m54 = just over 5′), so I thought it’d be OK. The measurements are different from the women’s patterns; for reference, I cut a 7/8 for the back and a 9/10 for the front. I could have got away with a size smaller, but this isn’t meant as a fitted top, anyway.

Note to self: browse the junior sections in pattern catalogues more often.

At the back of Reine’s ground floor (just under the stairs) is a table featuring all black fabrics, often offered at a reduced price (or perhaps it was simply because it was sales time in France back then). Going back downstairs after I’d got the pattern, I happened upon a gorgeous cotton lace priced at 6 euro a metre. Et voilà! Quite serendipitously, a whole project was born.

Here is a close-up so you can see the lace better:

The fabric had a scalloped edge; I cut the bottom ruffles along it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t wide enough to be used at the sleeves, too.

This was the first time I did an elaborate project with sheer fabric. There is simply no room for mistake when you work with sheers. Everything will be see-through; every seam has to be perfect. But you know me – right? I love a challenge, as many of us sewists do.

At first I thought French seams were the way to go; but it proved too bulky for this airy lace. I ended up serging all the seams with a narrow stitch. The sleeves are hemmed with a rolled hem; the front is bound with satin bias tape.

I loved, loved making this.

44 thoughts on “New Look 6660 – Rhapsody in Black

  1. Teddylyn says:

    Really lovely! And the satin bias binding just finishes the neckline beautifully! Great project!I also enjoyed the photo of you on the bridge over the Canal St. Martin. We recently visited Paris and stayed at a small hotel right on the canal. Also lovely!Lynda in LV


  2. josy26 says:

    Toujours de belles choses …ton armoire doit être pleine :o) tres tres joli ce petit haut en dentelle noire, il te va à ravir .j’espère que tu vas bien . moi, bien fatiguée apres notre Virade , mais le coeur content !Bisous


  3. Jennifer/OH says:

    Love it!! Great choice of fabrics. I also read your post regarding the new Vogue Winter Collection. Have not viewed it all yet, but I agree with your list. The “dislikes”….yes, some odd stuff there indeed. Of your “Likes” list my favorite is the red coat-dress. I also wish I had a more glamorous social life (or a social life AT ALL!!) to wear more fashionable evening wear. I suppose that is why all the dolls get the finest in evening wear that I make. Will post a photo soon of two new dolls on my wish-list. They are designed to be sisters from Paris! The Devereaux Sisters cicra 1920s Paris. Oh, what a dream to be able to dress these two.


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