Simplicity 4020, third take

This is my third take of Simplicity 4020.

This top was not part of any plan. I was cutting out Vogue 8489 in this fabric (this is the current dress in progress), and realized I might have just enough extra fabric for a top – I foraged through my pattern collection, and out came my trusty old Simplicity 4020. I had to add a center back seam to the bottom part of the bodice, but I managed to position the print so that the seam could hardly be noticed.

I also managed to cut the top back-and-sleeve so that the black wavy line was continuous from one sleeve to the other.

I also made the sleeves shorter to fit them onto the fabric.

Here is how I was wearing the top to work today – it’s gotten very cold in Paris, so I like layering 🙂


73 thoughts on “Simplicity 4020, third take

  1. Von says:

    So much excitement for you and Seb! Hearty congratulations and squeals of joy over your successful Ph.D completion and the upcoming move to London! Your newest blouse is perfection! 🙂


  2. Zoanna says:

    Dr. Izzy, I am sooooo happy for you. Congratulations and praise the Lord for sustaining you through it. I am also glad to hear of your new life changes. Are you excited about London? The house sounds wonderful. Your own sewing room, can you imagine?! The top is gorgeous. LOVE the sleeves and how talented you are to cut everything so meticulously and artfully. I want to let you know that Paul and I MAY get to the south of France in 2010. His boss’s parents have a summer home there and she has promised to fly the five employees there if they exceed the company goals in ’09 ! I would love to meet you if and when this promise is fulfilled!


  3. stitcherw says:

    Congratulations, what an accomplishment, and what fun to be able to sign things Dr. Izzy 🙂Also, your top looks awesome, gorgeous finish. Good luck on the move, hope everything goes smoothly for you.Sue


  4. Karen says:

    I assumed a lot was going on because you’ve been quiet, but this is a LOT. First, congratulations on the doctorate. We knew you could do it, but for I’m glad it’s over and done with and you can concentrate on your life again.Second, congrats on the move to London. I hope everything goes well with the move and Ms Kitty loves her new garden. And how wonderful of Seb to know that what you’d need to feel most at home in a new place is a room for your sewing! We’re still talking vacations for next year – London was on the short list if airfares drop, so I may see you again one of these days!


  5. Tany says:

    Dear friend Dr. Izzy, first let me congratulate you!!! (((HUGS)))These are very exciting news! I’ll need your new street address, of course! (maybe it’s safer than using the current one due to Christmas jamming in the mail)I love your new top! You look beautiful as ever! Sending good vibes and lots of kisses!


  6. Deb L says:

    Congratulations Dr. Izzy! That is a wonderful accomplishment. 🙂The top is lovely, the color, the design, the pattern of the cloth. Thank you for sharing it with us!Good luck with your upcoming move. Moving is quite a stressful chore, in my own experience. So I hope yours goes smoothly!


  7. lena-lou says:

    Congratulations Isabelle, I bet you feel so proud :-)) How nice you are both coming to live in England for a while we will be pleased to have you here. Life sounds very exciting just now and I bet you feel like your feet are not touching the ground at the moment !Best wishes and good luck for all the changes ahead Take care xx


  8. Nancy W. says:

    Congratulations on your PhD! Making a move is never fun (think packing/unpacking) but often you can find some excitement and adventure in it. Look for the positive and it will make it much more bearable. Good luck with all of your changes and your top looks beautiful. What kind of fabric did you use?


  9. kitou says:

    je suis ravie pour vous 3 des bonnes nouvelles!bonne annĂ©e 2009elle sera bonne c’est sur!bisous ma Kittytu me manques tu sais mais je sais que tu es occupĂ©e et bien occupĂ©etoutes mes felicitations au fait Docteur.


  10. mavalca says:

    Dr Izzy… ça te va comme un gant! tout comme ce haut magnifique que tu portes!Ton dĂ©part se rapproche Ă  grands pas, si tu le permets, je t’Ă©crirai de temps en temps…En attendant, je te souhaite de passer, malgrĂ© tout les chamboulements, de bonnes fĂŞtes de fin d’annĂ©e, ainsi que beaucoup de bonheur dans ce nouveau dĂ©part!A très bientĂ´t ma belle.Je t’embrasse bien fort!


  11. Bliss says:

    FĂ©licitations pour toutes ces bonnes nouvelles, Dr Izzy. I have always loved London, too. My fingers will be crossed for you. Moving is very stresful. Stay calm, sleep late when you need to & don't over commit yourself.


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