Coat with a Silver Lining

Vogue 8346, view D


I just realized this coat is 100% British! (except for its maker, of course). I bought the wool-mohair-alpaca-nylon mix in the fabric shop nearby, and the silk lining with Melissa and Anwen; the self-cover buttons and shoulder pads came from, who ship super fast – I received my package the day after I ordered.

The lining is white with silver arabesques. I’ll take a close-up shot later. Melissa, you’re damn right – silk-lined pockets are such a tactile treat for a fabric lover.

I don’t have much to say about the pattern, really – except that Vogue 8346 was exactly the design I was after: a classic winter coat with princess seams. The instructions were great. This pattern is a winner.
For reference, I made view D, but cut the hem at view B to have the same length as pictured in view D, because I’m so short.
I cut the front pieces in a size 10 and the back pieces in a size 8; I wanted the ability to wear the coat with 3 layers underneath (including a thick jumper, as in these pictures), so I made it a bit larger than usual.

(you can see a bit of the lining peeking from inside the pocket)

The overall construction went fast, but the hand finishing (snaps, buttons, sleeves, and one very long hem) took forever! I’m so glad I’m done; I have a feeling this coat will be worn to death. I love how swishy the skirt is, and this is really helped by the lining. The coat didn’t feel half as full-skirted when I only tried the shell on.

I’ll post more details later (lining, buttons, etc.). Whenever I feel like taking more pictures.

(I realize I never share my loom-knitting projects here, but the snood/béret was made about 3 years ago; I have knit one every year, and I have another version in antique mauve, and a super warm version in variegated black-grey-white. This one is definitely showing signs of wear as the weight of the hair ends up stretching the stitches over the years. I’m thinking of knitting another one, in black mohair. I never go out without a hat in the winter, so this black little number has been worn a lot!)

Next up on my sewing list are: a few knit tops, a sofa cover, and a laptop case for Seb.

64 thoughts on “Coat with a Silver Lining

  1. Yulwen says:

    Coucou Isabelle,Désolée de ne pas commenter en anglais pour une fois, mais ça fait déjà plusieurs jours que je veux te laisser ce commentaire et vu ma fatigue je n’ai pas le courage de le faire in English 😉Ton manteau est réellement magnifique ! J’aime beaucoup son col ! La couleur aussi est très sympa et la doublure m’a aussi l’air très jolie. Il faudra que tu me le montres le jour où nous viendrons vous rendre visite 😉Gros bisous.A bientôt.Julie


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