Birthday Dress 2009

Here is the dress I made for my 28th birthday. I didn’t come up with a proper name,which bugs me as I like to name all my projects – especially birthday dresses! Feel free to toss out a few ideas it if you feel so inspired. They would be much appreciated.
This is New Look 6643, a dress I already made as a little black dress. This time I used dupioni silk for the outside, and lined the dress with China silk.
The pictures are not the best and the dress still needs a fair bit of ironing (this is one terrible looking hem!), but this was all my timetable would allow if I wanted pictures by daylight, and I figured it was better than nothing.

Obligatory parting shot:


52 thoughts on “Birthday Dress 2009

  1. Zoanna says:

    I am VERY late in wishing you happy birthday, Isabelle. It's been too long since I visited your blog. I think lsat time I did you were moving to London. Congratulations on your new teaching post. I wish I could take one of your classes.

    As for a dress name, I thought of “Rhapsody in Blue” when I first saw it, before I read your request for a name. Love the style on you!


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