Birthday Dress 2009

Here is the dress I made for my 28th birthday. I didn’t come up with a proper name,which bugs me as I like to name all my projects – especially birthday dresses! Feel free to toss out a few ideas it if you feel so inspired. They would be much appreciated.
This is New Look 6643, a dress I already made as a little black dress. This time I used dupioni silk for the outside, and lined the dress with China silk.
The pictures are not the best and the dress still needs a fair bit of ironing (this is one terrible looking hem!), but this was all my timetable would allow if I wanted pictures by daylight, and I figured it was better than nothing.

Obligatory parting shot:


52 thoughts on “Birthday Dress 2009

  1. Caitlin says:

    The dress is so pretty on you. I love that blue, it’s such a lovely color. When I try to name my clothes, flower names often come to mind. Maybe something like the Blue Orchid dress? I don’t even know if there are blue orchids, tho!


  2. Summerset says:

    Beautiful! Just perfect for a birthday. I knew it was your birthday, but didn’t have a current address. How about Blue Iris? Irises are blooming at this point of the year, and you certainly are as pretty as a flower!


  3. Anonymous says:

    My my you look gorgeous and it is a very pretty dress. How about electric blue dress? blue diva? angelic blue? 😉 I hope you have enjoyed your birthday and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Isabelle! Ann


  4. Miaaa says:

    Bon anniversaire ! (juste 10 ans de moins que moi 😉
    Cette robe est splendide en bleu, j’aime particulièrement le col en V.
    Quant à la couture par Petite mignone, ma petite fille a adorée, mais n’y a pas cru, “mais non ce n’est pas le chat qui coupe le tissu et coud, elle se ferait mal avec les épingles la dame-chat… elle est jolie la dame-chat, je peux la caresser ?!” En ce qui concerne ta robe : “elle est très jolie la dame et la robe bleu oh la la, je veux que tu me coud une robe comme ça, moi et une pour toi aussi !” (la vérité sort de la bouche des petits enfants à ce que l’on dit… tu peux donc considérer que c’est une réussite, même si elle n’a pas -encore- de nom).



  5. Lisbei says:

    Oh flûte ! Ca veut dire que j’ai manqué ton anniversaire ! Je t’envoie plein de bisous en retard mais qui viennent du fond du coeur !
    Ta robe est très très belle, j’aime beaucoup sa couleur Bleu Roi ou Bleu France ! Et elle te va comme un gant !
    Je t’embrasse bien fort, est-ce que tu peux m’envoyer ta nouvelle adresse par mail, s’il te plaît ?


  6. Diane says:

    I’m not feeling to creative today but the first thing that came to mind was ‘Sapphire Dream’ because its definitely dreamy with all that silk and the color is gorgeous. It suits you well!


  7. Tracy says:

    How about “28 and Lookin’ Great!” for a name? ;o) The dress is beautiful–LOVE that electric blue silk–lovely choice, and very flattering look. Hope you had a good birthday.(I sent an email, as I wasn’t sure where to sent a card. :o7) Lil’ Miss Cutie makes a terrific accessory with the dress… Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


  8. Tany says:

    Bon Anniversaire, ma Belle! (Sorry I’m so late, I haven’t been able to find the time for my blogging activities at all!)

    Your dress looks marvellous and so do you!!


  9. The MSILF says:

    As always, you look amazing and I love your style.

    But please please tell me one secret: how do you deal with cat hair on everything? I mean, white cat, dupioni silk in a dark color??? I am having problems myself, and my cat has short hair.


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