The Summer Into Autumn Dress

Back in the day when I used to do embroidery, one of my favourite designs was Summer into Autumn, by the Drawn Thread. I loved everything about it – the rich colours, the threads used, the texture of the specialty stitches. But most of all the colours.
(I miss stitching, but the days are just too short, and stitching does not fit in with my current activities anymore. I used to stitch in front of English-speaking TV series. Maybe some day the right time will come again – days are short, but hopefully life is long 🙂 )

When I first tried this dress on, I was instantly reminded of the above-mentioned design.

Simplicity 3678, with optional kitty
(Funnily enough, the dress also matches the beautiful mosaic of the flat’s tiled floor.)

I wanted a dress that I could wear to work. A dress that was both fit for the summer weather that’s been going on and on down here, but that still felt autumnal and hence constituted “back-to-work” material to my poor, North-oriented, psychorigid mind. 😉

The fabric comes from Boeken‘s in Amsterdam. I bought it a year ago, on my last stay there – it was beautiful, high quality (this dress only uses 1.5 meter but probably cost 18 euros to make), and therefore stayed in my stash long enough for inspiration to strike and for me to gain confidence in cutting into the fabric. Karen just wrote a great post about this exact feeling.

I used this pattern almost two years ago. Funny how changes in the length, sleeves, neckline and the overall outfit make the two versions utterly different.

The pattern once again came together easily and beautifully. This is from the Threads collection, so extra attention was paid to details. I still hold by my review of the first version.
My only change was the addition of a back tie to help cinch the dress a bit.
I hemmed the dress by hand with an invisible stitch. I love the way it makes the hemline hang – not just visually, but also in the way the dresses falls on me.

Oh, and just as for the maxi dress – here is a picnic pic 🙂

It is better to see these clothes in action than just see me standing uneasily still in front of a tripod, isn’t it? 😉

Have a good week, everyone. 🙂

32 thoughts on “The Summer Into Autumn Dress

  1. Lisette M says:

    This version of the pattern is beautiful. The color and the fit perfect on you, the neckline really looks pretty.
    I have the long sleeve version of this dress in the muslin stage, I need to get it done!


  2. Cathy says:

    I love looking at your sewing, Isabelle, but I'm happy that yours was one of the first stitching blogs I ever found. I feel like I've found such a great friend in you, although we've never met, and I often refer to you as my friend in conversation. I love everything about this dress! It lays just right on you and I love the pattern in the fabric. Great job, as always.


  3. Tracy says:

    Yes, it is fun to see the clothes in action, Isabelle! ;o) Just love this dress…everything about it is very flattering–and love the bold print of the fabric. Your adding a tie in the back is a great idea. Simply beautiful! Do hope you find your way back to embroidery stitching one day. :o) ((HUGS))


  4. mochimo says:

    Another wonderful dress!
    Your “days are short, but hopefully life is long” came at the right time for me. Lately I'm missing my many hobbies a lot but I seem unable to find the time for anything except work and family (and a bit of sewing, as it is the most recent hobby). But, yes, hopefully life is long… 🙂


  5. Karen says:

    That fabric was just waitingn around for you to decide to use that pattern with it, it's obvious. A beautiful result, and I love the picnic shots – always nice to see the dresses in action.


  6. J Rae says:

    Wow! What great thinking on the top. It came out great with the layering.

    Love the dress! The sandals are a perfect match for it.

    Your stitching is beautiful! Maybe one day you will have more time to do more. Drawn Thread is a great designer!


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