New Look 6470, Takes 4 and 5

Hello, everyone!

Here is an entire outfit made from New Look 6470.

NewLook 6470, views A & E
The top tends to fall off from the shoulder a little. I need to figure a way to attach the shoulders to my bra straps. What’s the neatest way to do this, do you think?

Here is a better picture of the skirt, from the same pattern.

Thanks to Julie for the picture! 🙂

(Coincidentally, the purple top shown above was made using the same pattern envelope a year ago.)

I made this skirt because I really don’t have enough, and I needed a quick project.
I really like the flounce; I really don’t like the elastic at the waist. A zipper would have been much neater and given a smoother waist line; but I didn’t have time to alter the pattern, and I needed my sewing fix, quick.
I do like the skirt, nonetheless. I’ve worn this exact outfit to work (with the addition of a little make-up. The picture was taken on a laid-back, no-make-up Sunday).

I’ve never used a pattern that many times before. Here are creations 1, 2, and 3 from this pattern. Creations 4 & 5 are above.

Here are pictures of the whole outfit that also show the sofa cover I made back in August. The landlady left a stunning leather sofa in the flat, and I made a cover for it within a week of my moving in – I was so scared of P’tite Mignonne using the tantalizing surface to sharpen her claws.

The fabric is from Ikea. I was missing about a metre, so the cover is not as well finished as I would like. Still, I’m pretty happy with it – and light grey/cream cat hair doesn’t show on it! (the flat is decorated in black and white with red accents, but a black cover just wasn’t an option with the furlady gracing this place.)

25 thoughts on “New Look 6470, Takes 4 and 5

  1. Mountain Thyme says:

    When I had the same problem in the dress I wore for my daughters wedding, the shop put a tee-niney little like loop with a tee-niney little snap on one side. The other side was sewn into the lining fabric. It was so little. Worked, too.


  2. Jennifer says:

    The sofa cover looks lovely. I have been searching for inspiration to re-cover my very old furniture and give our house a new look. Of course the addition of a sweet and gorgeous kitty makes your sofa even more special!


  3. Summerset says:

    Very pretty pieces. You can make lingerie carriers from narrow ribbon and small snaps. Just sew one end of the ribbon to the seam allowance in the right place and add one half of the snap to the ribbon. Then sew the other half of the snap to the seam allowance the same distance away as the length of the ribbon.

    What a smart and cozy choice for the sofa – everybody is happy – you, landlady and of course, Miss Cutie.


  4. Lilian says:

    I absolutely adore your blog, you make such beautiful things. These tops and skirt are beautiful as well.
    I always use small safety pins that I pin through the seam-allowance at the shoulder, and then when you are dressed, you can open the safety pin (which is upside down), lay your bra strap in the pin, and close it. Works for me and easy to remove.
    Please give a warm cuddle to P'tite Mignonne for me.


  5. Sue says:

    You have got good use out of that pattern and built a nice wardrobe from it. The elastic waisted skirt is comfy to wear so it is good to have one in the wardrobe. All the outfits look lovely.


  6. marysews says:

    I like all the garment pieces you made from this pattern.

    When my tops start to fall off my shoulders, I realize I cut the neck and shoulders too large. I usually cut out a smaller size through there, and larger below there.


  7. equatorcollection says:

    Lovely blue and bell sleeves. Didn't realise the skirt and top came from the same pattern at first. Both look fabulous together.

    Ah, sofa cover. I've been meaning to make some for a long time but never getting around to it. Yours is lovely and fits well into the decor. P'tite Mignonne looks like she approves.


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