A tunic top from eons ago…

Here’s a tunic I made in October. I totally forgot I hadn’t photographed it yet, and as I was wearing it today, I snapped a couple of pictures while the sun was out.

This is Onion 2017. I used this pattern once before, for a shorter version. The Japonaiseries top is one of my favourite casual tops to wear, so this pattern was definitely worth re-using.

What I like about this top is that the pattern is casual, but the fabric is classy enough to keep this wearable pretty much anywhere.
I love dressing in black and white. The contrast between my skin tone and my hair somehow inspires me to play with high contrasts in my choice of colours, too.

Here is another picture that shows the whole outfit better (the pants are purchased):


24 thoughts on “A tunic top from eons ago…

  1. pinky says:

    Happy everything too !!!

    Ces derniers temps, je m'occupe des doublures de mes vestes… exit le synthétique, je les refais en coton et c'est beaucoup plus confortable.

    Je m'exerce à coudre le cuir, étant à côté du Tarn c'est très facile de trouver de jolies peaux tannées sans métaux lourds en plus


  2. Tracy says:

    Your life sounds crazy, but good, Isabelle! This long tunic is lovely–that fabric is terrific. Thank you for the thanksgiving wishes. Now the run-up to Christmas… Enjoy! Happy Days, my friend :o) ((HUGS))


  3. Gina E. says:

    Love black and white over black – looks great on you, Isabelle! I just showed my hubby the photo of you holding Kitty with the comment 'no garment is complete without kitty fluff' and he smiled. He's a cat lover too!


  4. Dakota says:

    Lovely! Your sewing is so inspiring.

    I wanted to mention that there's lots of free crochet patterns on the Lion's Brand website that are pretty good. I've been making the little stuffed animals recently – they're simple and fun to make and can be finished in a few hours.


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