Concert Skirt

Hello, everyone 🙂

Since my last entry, I took a couple of evenings to sew my concert skirt – our first concert was last Sunday. Taking this break and getting reacquainted with fabric and my sewing machine did me a world of good. I wish I were able to do this every week!
(ETA: Elaray was asking what instrument I play… I sing soprano, and the concerts for which I need this full-length black skirt are those of my vocal ensemble.)

This is an über simple skirt really. Five panels, a waisband and a zipper. I made a lining but in the end chose not to add it because the skirt ended up so full on its own. The taffeta is truly lovely, it is slightly textured and really not that shiny in real life. It cost 5 euro a meter, and being so short I only needed 2 meters; this skirt cost a total of 11 euro to make with the zipper.

The pattern was one of the first I ever purchased, when I was into making corsets and got several patterns to compare shapes. It is McCall’s 3853, now OOP. I was such a newbie at the time that I didn’t even know my pattern size yet, and my pattern starts at a size 12. I’m a size 8 (6 at the back), so I graded the pattern down. Which was quite an easy task since this is all straight lines.

Silly, but wearing a long skirt does help boosting your confidence when performing.
Of course, the advantage of a skirt over a dress is that I’ll be able to wear it all year round, changing the top (and tights) depending on where and when we sing.
I do plan on making another formal dress though, if only to wear to the solo concerts that’ll be starting next year. Formal sewing is fun and rewarding!

(That wicker chest in the background used to be my nephew’s former toys chest; I rescued it as my sister was about to throw it away ;). It stores most of my sewing notions. I figured a well-used chest would be wiser, as my kitty was bound to use it as a scratching pole! Definitely not as classy as the rest of the flat, but it is one of P’tite Mignonne’s favourite spots, so I’m keeping it.)

Have a good Sunday, and a good week, y’all.

29 thoughts on “Concert Skirt

  1. Lisbei says:

    Hello my dear friend !
    Your formal skirt is really beautiful, you look splendid int it ! I think your concert was beautiful to the eyes as well as the ears of your public !
    And Little Miss Fluffy is always the most pretty !
    Have a nice sunday !


  2. Tracy says:

    WOW…that full skirt is soooo elegant and fine, Isabelle! I love the color, shine and there's nothing like a full skirt to feel feminine and girlie! It's sooo beautiful, and it looks terrific on you. Hope you enjoy the concerts soon–such fun! And fun to see Miss Cutie… I could rub her fluffy tummy! It was so great to hear from you during the weekend, my friend :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


  3. Mary Beth says:

    Hey, there you are and looking great as always! Isn't it wonderful how a really good fabric can just make the outfit so much easier to perfect? That's always a miracle to me and makes sewing so fun. Hope your concert went as wonderfully as you look in your new skirt.


  4. mavalca says:

    Très très joli! Je ne savais pas que tu chantais! Tu retournes sur Paris pour faire tes concerts ou ça se passe dans le sud?
    Je t'écrirais plus longuement pas mail, j'aurais quelques questions couture pour toi si tu as quelques minutes pour me répondre.
    D'autre part pourrais tu m'envoyer ton adresse postale? les vœux approchent et j'aimerais t'envoyer une carte et un faire part…
    Bisous ma belle, porte toi bien!


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