My Pattern Storage

This post was triggered by Kristy’s own post where she shared how she stored her patterns. Funnily enough, she and I store our patterns in the same way, in the same Ikea chest of drawers – except mine is the little sister of hers:

I always have a few patterns lying on top of the chest of drawers, for inspiration; these are projects I’m hoping to tackle soon, or at least don’t want to forget about ;).

In the top drawer are my Simplicity (left) and New Look (right) patterns. As in the whole chest, everything is sorted by number, in ascending order.

In the middle drawer are my Vogues and Buttericks:

On the left stand the smaller Vogue envelopes, with my (very few) Buttericks behind them; on the right lie the larger Vogue envelopes, with two or three craft patterns (hats, aprons) in the small space that’s left behind them.

The bottom drawer holds patterns from independent companies, vintage patterns, and McCall’s:

Tucked at the front, you can see my patterns from Onion and one from Amy Butler; on the left are my Hot Patterns, a couple of very recent Jalie patterns, and visible on top of the pile, one (also very recent) Folkwear pattern that I had to get after seeing Sharon’s lovely empire dress.

On the right are my McCalls and vintage patterns. The size of the Hot Patterns envelopes don’t allow these smaller patterns to stand full-front as in the higher drawers, so these are lying sideways.

Seeing Kristy’s own chest of drawers, I now wish I’d chosen the bigger size as well, as mine is about to burst at the seams! I have a bit of room left for New Look/Simplicity or Vogue patterns, but not much 🙂

I love the fact that the fronts of the drawers are transparent: being able to peek at what’s nestling in there always makes me smile.

14 thoughts on “My Pattern Storage

  1. Anne LO says:

    Don't wish for the bigger size. I have seen several bigger sized Aneboda used as pattern storage on blogs where the bottom has fallen out. We have the bogger size as well for clothes and it can't hold very much and the metal things it runs on is very weak. Buy one more of the smaller ones instead.


  2. KarenV says:

    Ooh! I have the larger version of your chest of drawers in beech, which I use for batting and yarn storage. The white looks very fresh and clean 🙂


  3. Lori says:

    I like how your cabinet can hold 2 rows of patterns in each drawer. I keep my patterns in desk drawers but they have to be on their side to fit. Your filing system is much neater and more organized.


  4. Jennifer says:

    What a lovely system of organizing. Pratical, yet very pretty at the same time. My eye immediately went to that Empire Dress pattern! I have the “Armistace Blouse (1981 style) from that same company.


  5. Lisbei says:

    Hello my dear friend !
    Qu'est-ce que tu es organisĂ©e !! Je suis admirative, moi qui ne vois plus la couleur de mon bureau Ă  cause de tout ce qui est empilĂ© dessus …
    Mille baisers ensoleillés !


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