My Mum’s Ripple Shawl

Hi everyone,
I’m still in the countryside of Northern France, for another couple of days. The sun finally came out after a whole week of rain, so I was able to go out and take long-delayed pictures of some recent, and not-so-recent projects. Here’s the first of them.
This shawl was made for my Mum’s birthday, which we celebrated last April. I started this in November 2009 – this is, in effect, the second crochet project I started, and it was my mindless project of the winter when watching DVDs. Here’s a picture of it in progress, back in February – the colour is truest to life in this picture:

The design is very simple, great for a beginner to become more confident with his/her hook. You can find it on the Lion Brand website, for free.
I remember finishing it on the train to my parents’ in April, as I wanted it to be as large as possible and thus pushed the finishing line to as late as possible; but as I’d forgotten to take my camera, I wasn’t able to take pictures of it when I gave it away – and consequently didn’t blog about it until now.

This was a time- and yarn-consuming project, with almost 9 balls (1200 m) of yarn that make a very dense fabric. I wanted a super warm shawl for my mother to use when she’s working at her desk – she lives in Northern France and their house can get quite cold. I chose a dark shade so she wouldn’t be afraid to soil it easily, but decided against black as I didn’t want this thick heavy shawl to appear mournful 😉


Lastly, for the fans of P’tite Mignonne out there, here are a few pictures of her holiday in the Alps. The place where we stayed was very kitty-friendly and had a huge garden/field, so she had a grand time – and was quite the star among our co-vacationers!


P’tite Mignonne doesn’t mind travelling at all as long as she can see/feel me, and it’s wonderful to have her share in the holiday fun. To be honest, I was sicker than her in the coach driving the last few miles – she was purring away in my lap while I was struggling to make it to destination without puking like a kid. 😀 She’s been to so many places both in France and abroad – London, Amsterdam, and various counties in France – that she must be one of the best-travelled cat in Europe.

16 thoughts on “My Mum’s Ripple Shawl

  1. Donna W says:

    That is a beautiful shawl! I know it is special for your Mom as you made it. Loved the kitty pictures.She always looks so relaxed. We were in British Columbia (western Canada) for a week and our kitty was so glad when we got home. He followed us around the house for two days just to make sure we were still there.


  2. Isabelle says:

    Thank you, Donna! You don't seem to have a blog where I can post so I'll reply here. Your own story about your cat made me chuckle. 🙂 They sure have a way of making themselves understood, don't they!


  3. Kathryn says:

    That is a lovely shawl. I'm sure your mother loves it.

    You might be surprised by the number of cats who travel. We used to breed and show pedigreed cats and our regional/national winners would always have over 10,000 airline miles before their year was done. I have been to cat shows in England and Australia, so I know those cats travel, too. Still it is nice to bring your best friend with you.


  4. Anonymous says:

    très beau travail pour ta Maman, bravo, que d'heures de passées!!!

    Ptite Mignonne porte bien son nom sur ces photos, elle est juste contente d'être avec….

    merci pour ton mail….




  5. Margaret says:

    What a stunning shawl for your mother. Hard to believe you were a beginner when making it.

    Sounds like you had an amazing time on your vacation in the alps. What a great way to rest and relax and prepare for the new school year.

    Enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

    hugs, Margaret


  6. Tracy says:

    Such a delicious COLOR! The shawl is wonderful, Isabelle. I love the generous size and the patter is lovely. Your Mum will be happy wearing that. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. LOVELY photos, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))


  7. Maeve says:

    I've enjoyed seeing the pictures from your trip. Such beautiful countryside! It is similar, but not quite the same, as the Northern Rockies near where I am. And it is so difficult to capture that sense of vast space in a photo, but you've done a great job with yours!

    The shawl for your mother is lovely. I think the color is great for a “no worries” shawl and it looks so cozy and warm. We get very cold winters here so I tend to adore warm things! 🙂


  8. Lisbei says:

    Bonsoir ma chère amie !
    D'abord, félicitations pour ce châle que je trouve splendide !
    Comme je ne sais ni tricoter ni crocheter, il y a quelques années j'avais déniché dans une boutique un grand châle dans les tons bordeaux pour ma maman, et elle s'en sert énormément, le soir pour lire ou regarder la télé …
    Ensuite, merci pour les belles photos de P'tite Mignonne ! tu as de la chance d'avoir un chat si bien élevé, j'aurais peur que les miennes se sauvent dans une maison qui n'est pas la leur …
    Gros bisous à toutes les deux !


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