The Amsterdam Top

Started: June 5, London – Finished: August 12, Strait of Dover
First worn: August 14, Amsterdam.
Most of this top was crocheted on various trains throughout summer.
It was finished just in time for an impromptu mid-August weekend in Amsterdam. I scrambled so much to finish this in time for Amsterdam (staying up late at night to do the seaming and weave in the ends), that wherever I wear it, or see it in my closet, I think of it as “the Amsterdam top”, despite the design’s name being Menorca!


The design is from the Summer Crochet book published by Rowan, which I already told you about – this is my second project from this book.
I happened to see the crocheted model (in cream) displayed at John Lewis’s in Oxford Street, only a couple of day after I’d started mine, which was quite motivating.

For the first time, I used the recommended Rowan Siena, which for some odd reason is cheaper here in Southern France than it was in London. I was initially planning on using the white or the ecru shade, but fell in love with the antique mauve shade when I saw it in the shop, and there was no turning back.

This yarn is amazingly beautiful, and adds so much to the finished work. It was well worth the price (I paid a total of 36 euros for the 8 skeins I needed to make this pullover).

This was rather work intensive, but I do love the puff stitch.


I made a few alterations – mainly, I made the top smaller than the S size, which would have been very loose and bulky on me, and simplified the neckline:
  • Back side: Frogged the first 10 rows as it was proving decidedly too large. Started over with 94 ch sts instead of 118, but only did a 2-stitch decrease on row 15. Width at bottom is 40 cm
  • Front side: 102 ch sts. Width at bottom: 44.5 cm.
  • Neckline: mine ended up higher and tighter than in the picture, and than was really comfortable, so I frogged part of it and only did 1 “eyelet” row. It also looks less fussy this way.
I love that this top both boldly asserts itself as crochet work with its notable puff stitch, while being cute and definitely modern, thanks to the clean cut, the three-quarter sleeves, and the boat neckline. This is definitely my favourite crocheted garment to date, and the one I’ve been wearing most.

24 thoughts on “The Amsterdam Top

  1. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    Il est adorable ce petit haut, tu as bien fait de choisir ce joli mauve, cela le rend bien plus original (et peut-être aussi moins salissant) que du blanc ou du écru.
    Je t'embrasse bien fort !


  2. Tracy says:

    GORGEOUS finish, Isabelle! LOVE that soft, lavender-purple color! That puff stitch is wonderful. This is a garment I would love to try–once my crochet is better. ;o) I'm just starting a crocheted lap blanket now. We are actually just returned from a few days in London! It is the best city–I can easily daydream of living there…*sigh*…Happy Days ((HUGS))


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