A photo session at Isabelle and P’tite Mignonne’s

Isabelle: “Brr, it’s so darn cold – I’d better hurry with this photo shoot”
P’tite Mignonne: “Yay, the garden door’s open – freedom!”
Isabelle: “Oooh, who’s here?”
P’tite Mignonne: “Rats – I’ve been spotted!”
Isabelle: “Come have a cuddle – you weren’t trying to escape to the neighbours’ garden again, now were you?”
P’tite Mignonne: “Craaaap…”
This shawl was finished over a month ago, and it’s been in use every evening, but I hadn’t had a chance to take proper pictures yet. It’s proving very difficult to take indoors pictures with enough natural light now that I live in a ground floor flat, and it’s been so cold (and increasingly so) that it takes some motivation to go outside with the tripod. Not to mention the neighbours that, er, might find me a little weird. It actually snowed here yesterday morning (a few hours before the pictures were taken), so these pictures took some dedication. I also took pictures of another finished object, but wasn’t plucky enough to photograph my latest Jalie top. We’ve been having an absurdly cold autumn here!
ETA: Seen the latest Simon’s Cat yet? How very apt 😉

14 thoughts on “A photo session at Isabelle and P’tite Mignonne’s

  1. Tini says:

    Hilarious (I mean the dialog,not the shawl :)). Aren't cats too funny? I had to run after one of your kitties last week, when he used the chance that I had the trashbin out 🙂 FREEEEDOM 🙂

    The shawl is really nice too!


  2. pinky says:

    hihi Je suis fan du “roman photo” (de la spontanéité des photos et surtout des légendes) 🙂
    Un sentiment de honte m'envahit en voyant cela et en passant à mon blog à l'abandon.
    Pourtant j'ai refait mon couture de A à Z ce WE en plus, en ré-encaustiquant même le parquet !


  3. Marie-Christine says:

    My cat demands to go out too, but then rushes back in as soon as he realizes the real temperature.. My only problem is that he insists on checking that it's as cold when he goes out the front door as when he goes out the balcony. Sigh.
    At least you can both snuggle into that lovely shawl :-).


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