A Jacket for Baby Mila

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new baby in possession of crafty neighbours must be in want of handknits.

Our closest neighbours just had a baby daughter. I really wanted to make something for her.

I very loosely adapted an existing pattern, that I turned into something more elaborate and girly. Just so you can see the difference from the initial pattern, here’s a jacket made faithfully from the pattern. Since my sister has 2 boys (Robin, 4, and Florian, almost 1), I haven’t had much opportunity to have fun with girly baby stuff. I didn’t want to make something overly frilly, but I thought simple shells and scalloped sleeves would be nice.
When I was last in Northern France, I asked my older sister for advice regarding colour, material, etc. She lent me a RTW cardigan that my nephews had used; it proved very helpful to check the fit. I also copied the cardigan’s ties system, which probably every parent will agree is more practical than buttons with a wriggly newborn. 🙂


– I kept the initial raglan-sleeved yoke in double crochet.

Sleeves: Finished the sleeves with a scalloped edge:  Ch3, DC in first DC, *sk next DC, sc in next DC, sk next DC, [2DC, ch1, 2DC] in next DC* around

– Body: I crocheted in double crochet until the jacket reached the same length as the portion above the ties in my sister’s RTW jacket; I then started crocheting in staggered shells. I forgot to take notes while making it and am currently too brain-dead to reconstruct the whole process, but if someone wants me to guide them through it, let me know and I’ll write everything down whenever my brain gets the rest it needs to function properly. The shells themselves are (2DC, ch1, 2DC), alternated with single crochet stitches.
– Ties: I guess the following two pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

This last picture shows how I threaded the chain tie through the last rows of DCs. I made the chain ties with a smaller hook than the jacket (3 mm instead of 5mm).

The yarn is Lang Omega, a plump yarn that yields a sturdy and washable result. Lang Yarns are fabulous – I’ve always been very happy with them.

I just went to deliver my small gift and meet baby Mila (pronounced mee-lah) – she is such a beautiful, delicate baby… Just like her name. 🙂

17 thoughts on “A Jacket for Baby Mila

  1. verobirdie says:

    C'est superbe. Justement, je regrettais que Phildar (pour ne pas le nommer) ne faisait pas ce genre de patron. Je pensais tricot, mais c'est vrai qu'au crochet, ca rend super bien aussi.
    En tout cas, bravo et bienvenue à Mila


  2. Tracy says:

    Oh, I could just cry, it is sooo beautiful, Isabelle! You really did a fantastic work on this. It's almost angelic! Mila, what a very pretty name… Congrats to the happy new parents. A new baby girl… so precious! Thank you for sharing. I've not knit anything for my nieces/nephews for a while, this inspires! Happy Days, my friend. And many thanks for your love visit at my blog. :o) ((HUGS))


  3. Lisbei says:

    Hello my dear friend !
    Et d'abord, j'adore ton clin d'oeil à cette dear Jane en ouverture !!
    Magnifique petite layette, je suis sûre que Mila a l'air d'un petit ange là-dedans, et que ses parents sont prêts à pardonner à Miss Fluffy tous les petits … hum … cadeaux qu'elle pourrait laisser dans leur allée …
    Gros bisous ma chère amie, passe un bon week-end !


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