A Hop to London… and Knitting Beginnings :)

Hello, all!
Here I am finally to tell you about my small trip to London in early February. 🙂
(Pour mes amies francophones : je n’ai pas eu le temps de faire un article en français, mais pour aujourd’hui de toute façon, ce qui compte ce sont surtout les photos… 🙂 )
This was a trip for work and also to gather up and ship off the (hefty) remainder of Seb’s stuff in London; I hardly had any time to really enjoy London, which was frustrating and made for an exhausting trip, wedged as it was between very busy days of work in France – I didn’t take any time off for this, and the journey from Montpellier to London and back is quite a long one. I wish I’d at least been able to see you, Melissa, but that shall have to wait for another, less hectic (and last-minute!) stay.
I did manage to go to Loop in the evening, though! Twice – the first time I felt too overwhelmed by the abundance of goodness to make any purchase, so I went back just before closing time the next day with decisions taken on what yarn and book to get 🙂 This place was an absolute delight!


We also managed to snatch a couple of hours to go walk in Hampstead Heath (one of my favourite places in London), where I showed off my very first knit creation…


… And my whole winterproof, handmade outfit (the calorimetry was crocheted last year, and you probably all recognize the coat!)


The scarf, “Beginner Scarflette”, is a pattern that was published on Ravelry at the exact same time I was learning how to knit and looking for a beginner’s pattern – talk about serendipity! It is perfect to practice stitches as it is a sampler of the main knitting stitches. I knit it in a yummy Rowan yarn, Colourscape, a collection whose colourways were designed by Kaffe Kasset.
All my project details are here on Ravelry. This was the perfect project for me to gain confidence and truly get started with knitting. (I am currently on to my third project, and am officially addicted to the art of knitting. Loving, loving it.)

And then we were back on the train for the long (but quiet) way home, to do some more reading and knitting – after finishing Patty’s gloves, I started on fingerless gloves for me in a remnant of Tosca yarn that I used for my Violaine Tunic:

Said mitts have since been long finished and put to good use, but are yet to be photographed… 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone. Bon week-end à tou-te-s !

12 thoughts on “A Hop to London… and Knitting Beginnings :)

  1. Tracy says:

    Such a FUN post, Isabelle! Oh, how I miss London…*sigh*… I didn't get to Loop last, when we were there last summer–just ran out of time… LOL! So glad you got to share a bit of your trip with us. LOVE your purple coat–it is fabulous! And so admire your first knitting–it is lovely, and in purple, gotta love it. Busy days here too… I'm taking a digital sabbatical next week. ;o) Happy Days ((LOVE & HUGS))


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