P’tite Mignonne’s Abalone (and a tee of my own)

As you friends know, P’tite Mignonne recently took up knitting.

She chose a soft, soft yarn in her very own colours; and picked a project with a pretty name, Abalone, because it rhymed with her name (*ETA yes, it rhymes in French!* and yes, she can be a bit self-centred that way…). She was very careful to knit a (couple of, actually) gauge swatch(es) before starting on her project…
With the help of online tutorials she managed to read her way through the pattern. She was quite diligent in blocking her finished creation, although also very tempted to take a nap on it.
(Am I still not allowed to sit on it?)
The best part, however, is that even though she (claims she) was the one wielding the needles, I get to wear the outcome.
The (K)nitty Gritty:

  • Pattern: Abalone, a freebie by Beata Jezek, directly printable here. 
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino (a DK weight), one of the goodies I got in London last month; in Cape Cod Gray, a shade I indeed deliberately chose to match P’tite Mignonne’s fur. You know, so her fluff doesn’t show on the knitting! 😉 And hey, it is truly gorgeous. Grey goes with lots of things, and light grey, albeit muted, is a soft and happy colour in my mind. I used 3.5 skeins (480m). 
  • Needles: US 8 – 5 mm.


The one part P’tite Mignonne cannot claim as her own, though, is the top. You see, P’tite Mignonne still hasn’t mastered the sewing machine quite yet. I have decided to make myself some basic, fitted tops to layer under all the knits I (or should I say we) plan on making. 🙂 This one is a great little number from Hot Patterns, the Plain and Simple Fitted T-Shirts, which are indeed exactly that.
I have to confess, however, that I still haven’t mustered the courage to make my own jeans. 😉
As you can see, I have become quite enthusiastic about knitting. Well, the mere prospect of learning how to knit was hugely exhilarating from the start, and I am now super excited about this whole new creative world that has opened up for me. Tackling a cardigan as a second project may seem a little crazy, but if you’ve been reading this blog long enough – you know I am crazy that way!

17 thoughts on “P’tite Mignonne’s Abalone (and a tee of my own)

  1. Rebecca says:

    you can do a cardi no prob! les doigts dans le nez ;)!
    In fact i cant wait to see it on march 26 lol!
    love X 1000000000 your abalone but i didnt realize (silly me) that you had made the top too! i really like it – and guess what!? i cut out my very first pattern withthe help of a lovely friend 😀 so i think my next might just be something like that 😉


  2. Helene says:

    Eh bien pour un coup d'essai, c'est un coup de maître 😉 P'tite Mignonne n'est pas seulement adorable, elle est aussi très douée ! J'aime beaucoup le T-shirt aussi.
    Bienvenue dans le monde des tentations du tricot, où des centaines de nouveaux modèles viennent chaque mois tenter les aiguilles aventureuses 🙂


  3. Tracy says:

    BEAUTIFUL, Isabelle! I love the shape and color… this is really love, and so versatile too. I love how brave you are in taking on projects. Though have to say, jean is one thing I've not been at all tempted to try and make/sew. ;o) These days my knitting is small , quick projects as it satisfies my fiber addiction, yet is time friendly…LOL! Just LOVED the sweet comment you left me on my bookish post… Yes, we are sibling souls! ;o) Happy Weekend to you all there ((BIG HUGS))


  4. melissa says:

    What a fantastic cardigan she has made for you! It looks so versatile, like you'll be wearing it all summer long on those cool evenings. Really she just wants you to have a lovely warm layer of fluffiness like she does!


  5. mpcocotte says:

    Tu es une vraie pro du tricot maintenant, un autre fil à ton arc! Tu tricotes vite et bien, de quoi faire palir d'envie les novices.
    Pas trop eu la place de discuter cet aprèm, mais on se verra peut etre au tricot thé de la mercerie.



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