(Almost) done: Un-Iced – a Jacket for early spring

I wanted a warm yet lightweight jacket to wear on those chilly mornings or evenings. In an écru shade, to go with everything.


I settled on a pattern for a cardigan, Iced, from the Knitty website; since I wanted to make a jacket/coat, I chose a thicker yarn and needles to get a sturdier fabric; and I made it longer. This means I added a few increase rows over the hips, and of course adapted the pattern to my larger gauge.
I’m really happy with this – it is exactly as I envisioned it. I’ve been wearing it all the time.
I was hesitant about buttons, and have been using a shawl pin to close the jacket; but I do feel buttons will be more practical, so I’ll add a couple soon.

The (K)nitty Gritty:

The yarn is super soft and cosy, making it a favourite of P’tite Mignonne’s. At one point she just sat on the project and plainly refused to let me pick it up and knit it. Though she doesn’t look it, especially not in the above picture, she is able to throw quite the tantrum.


14 thoughts on “(Almost) done: Un-Iced – a Jacket for early spring

  1. Tracy says:

    VERY nice, Isabelle! I recall that pattern and was curious about it. I admire how you got for it and change a pattern and make it work! And kitties are always the best photo props, aren't they? ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))


  2. mavalca says:

    Ta veste est très belle, tout comme tes autres ouvrages au tricot (et au crochet, à la couture… que de talents!!)
    Je suis en train de me faire un pull (qui monte bien vite, c'est agréable!) avec de la laine trouvée ici: http://www.filatureduvalgaudemar.com/vmchk/Laine-%C3%A0-tricoter.html. Je ne sais pas si tu connais, mais ils ont de superbes matières!

    J'ai aussi vu que tu avais tricoté de la Malabrigo, comment l'as tu trouvée? C'est une fabrique qui me tente depuis un bon bout de temps, mais je suis freinée par le prix! (aïe!)
    Je t'embrasse bien fort, à bientôt!


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