Fluffy Fibers Podcast: Episode 03 – Sweltering Weather, Spellbinding Water

Big Poppy Fabric by Laura Gunn - Michael Miller
On this scorching day in Southern France, I talk about my new summer dress and review a Sew Serendipity sewing pattern; tell you about my first try at an Ysolda design; share my thoughts on the latest knitty.com issue; and ponder some more upon childhood reminiscences in literature.

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~Episode 03 Shownotes~

Intro; 1. Projects; 2. Inspiration; 3. On my Bookshelves.

– My ravelry page: KittyStitches.
Fluffy Fibers group on Ravelry.
The Knitmore Girls
Annette Petavy – her podcast

1.a. Sewing Projects (3:05)
Sew Serendipity Studio Designs by Kay Whitt – The Monique Dress
– Michael Miller Big Poppy in Aqua, designed by Laura Gunn – shown at the top of the shownotes
– I mention the Dirndl skirt – a skirt made of two rectangles sewn together at side seams and gathered at the waist.
– Around 20:00 minutes: I goofed when talking about my alterations to the bodice: in the podcast I say my waistband was 1 cm wider (vertically speaking) after reducing the SAs to 5 mm instead of 1.5 cm, but it was in fact 2 cm wider (1 cm gained on each long side of the waistband).
This is why we finish our seam allowances – by Trena.

1.b. Knitting projects (23:13)
– I finish-finished the Miette cardigan – and promise pictures soon
– I am almost done with Mothed
– I finished Damson and give two thumbs up both to Ysolda Teague for the design and Malabrigo for their sock yarn. Blocking shown below.

July 4, 2011 - Damson, blocking

2. Inspiration (27:38): Knitty Early Fall 2011 issue
Creekbed scarf
Dunes stole
Rhodion shawl
Kindling cardigan for girls
Darrin cardigan
Leaflet cardigan

Rowan Belle Organic Aran (I chose the Zinc shade for Leaflet)

3. On my bookshelves (37:09)

– The winner for the giveaway of Pointed Roofs is Alison – ecopicot on ravelry. Congratulations 🙂
– This time I explain why the passage from Pilgrimage that I read in the second episode reminds me of The Mill on the Floss
Constable - Mill at Gillingham
John Constable, A Mill at Gillingham in Dorset ~ 1826

– To read directly the passage that I read last time and that I mention again here, go to this chapter of Pointed Roofs and scroll down to section 7 – what I am talking about concerns the last two thirds of this section.
– Passage read this time: second paragraph (and part of the third paragraph) of the opening page of the Mill on the Floss

4. Something natural, something seasonal

Postponed to the next episode for time reasons. I promise a good, long, eco-friendly segment next time. 🙂

Credits: Music: Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, mvt. 3 by Joseph Haydn, played by Mario Ajero.

9 thoughts on “Fluffy Fibers Podcast: Episode 03 – Sweltering Weather, Spellbinding Water

  1. lakaribane says:

    Je suis en train d'ecouter ton podcast et j'adore. J'ai beaucoup apprecie ce que tu dis concernant la taille des motifs sur les tissus imprimes. Moi aussi, je ne fait que 1m53 et j'ai peur des grands motifs. Ton tissu, par contre, est a mourir!


  2. Tracy says:

    Another wonderful show, Isabelle! LOVE, love, love that poppy print fabric! Like you, I'm tiny, so big prints don't always look so good on me, but I like to try them sometimes. Your finished Damson is GORGEOUS–just love that purple yarn. Mill on the Floss, I love all of George Eliot's works. It's been a while since I re-read Floss though. Thanks so much for all of this! Hope you are having some happy summer days now. I have an exciting new bit of creativity so share next week, and more coming up–some great days just now. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I can't wait to visit my parents in August and use their hi-speed Internet connection and catch up on all your podcasts!! Love that poppy print.
    Again Google Blogger won't let me sign in……..


  4. lakaribane says:

    Isabelle, encore moi! Après quelques jours de réflection, j'aimerais faire une suggestion: est-ce que tu pourrais parler des choix de tissus, des coupes, des longeurs (vestes, corsages, jupes) que tu préfères par rapport à ta taille ou ta silhouette. Tu en parles brièvement quant à l'imprimé fleurs mais j'aimerais bien que tu t'étendes sur le sujet. Merci d'y penser!


  5. vanille says:

    The mill on the floss ! voila un livre que j'aime^^
    pourquoi ne fais tu pas un article sur tes gouts littéraires? même si cest avant tout un blog couture, ca pourrait etre sympa^^



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