The Baltic Pullover (AKA Mothed)

Mothed is a free pattern on I liked the simple lines and the eyelet detail on the sleeves.

The simplicity of design seemed perfect to showcase a special yarn – Madelinetosh Merino Light, in a truly stunning colourway: Baltic. It was a birthday gift from Seb. I used about a skein and a half to make this.
The first picture was taken pre-blocking, so the eyelet detail on the sleeves hadn’t opened out yet. Here is a picture of the eyelet after blocking:

Mothed Sleeve


Design: Mothed, by Mags Kandis 
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (fingering weight), in Baltic.
Yardage used: 726.0 yards (663.9m)
Needles: 5mm (US 8)
Project’s ravelry page.
Knit between June 10 and July 22. I started this for International Knit in Public Day, on June 11.

International Knit in Public Day
Knit in Public Day. Picture by Katia.
Skirt is here and crocheted top is here.
As beautiful as the yarn is, I was really disappointed to find it very tangly. I adore the intense shade and love the feel and drape of the finished result. Yet the yarn, especially in one of the skeins, had a tendency to felt against itself, which created an awful tangled mess at the core of one of my balls – and resulted in a waste of time untangling it, and of yarn, as a chunk of it was simply not salvageable. Good thing I didn’t end up needing the whole two skeins! Perusing the feedback on the yarn’s page on Ravelry, I realized I wasn’t the only one with this problem.
On the upside, the people at Madelinetosh read about my poor experience and messaged me to say they had worked on the problem, and offered to send a new skein in the same colourway to make up for my troubles. I look forward to receiving it and see how the yarn behaves.
I brought a few alterations to the design to give it a more finished, polished look than the original version. The most important one is that I changed the edgings:
  • bottom edging: P 1 rd, K 2 rds, P 2 rds, K 2 rds, P 2 rds, single crochet BO with 6-mm crochet
  • Sleeves edging: P 2 rds, K 2 rds, P 1 rd, single crochet BO with 6-mm crochet
Mothed Sleeve
I also knit longer sleeves: 12 rounds instead of 4 before the eyelet pattern.
For the eyelet pattern, I knit it as is for the right sleeves, then edited the eyelet pattern in Gimp to reverse the picture for the left sleeve, for symmetry.



10 thoughts on “The Baltic Pullover (AKA Mothed)

  1. countrygirlcouture says:

    It's beautiful! Maybe I need to learn how to knit, because you've churned out some gorgeous knitted sweaters and shawls that I definitely think I need. That color is gorgeous too, hopefully they've got their yarn fixed so that the next project you make with it won't be so tedious.


  2. variegatedlife says:

    I love your finished sweater. The changes you made to the pattern were needed, in my opinion. I adore the color yarn you chose and agree when yarn is tangled in a skein it just ruins the whole experience of using it! I'm working on a project using Noro Taiyo Sock and the yarn is so knotted I've had to CUT it free, causing me more work in the end because I'll have a lot of ends to hide and weave in. Exhausting!


  3. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    Ton pull est vraiment magnifique, j'adore cette couleur profonde et changeante !
    Hum, du coup, je me demande s'il existe une journée “Brodez en public” … à faire un jour !
    Je t'embrasse, je suppose que tu es dans les préparatifs de la rentrée, et plein de caresses à Lady Violet !


  4. Stephanie says:

    Dear Isabelle,

    This is a fantastic post: the end result is gorgeous in colour, form and most importantly technical ability. It is also very satisfying to have such an indepth review of the yarn (I have just ordered some Madelinetosh DK as you will recall perhaps from my blog) and the pattern.

    I am holding a giveaway, Isabelle, and I would very much like you to have a chance to win if the gifts are of interest to you.

    Warmest wishes,


  5. Tiphaine says:


    Comme je te l'ai déjà dis (il me semble), ce pull est une de tes oeuvres que je préfère. Je les trouves toutes magnifiques, mais celui-là me plait particulièrement! Tu as eu une très bonne idée en ce qui concerne les finitions des manches et du bas du corps, tellement bonne que je vais faire pareil O:-). Je me répète, mais tu es vraiment très douée!
    Dommage pour la laine, j'espère que tu as bien reçu ta nouvelle pelote.

    Une question/remarque : il me semble que la tosh merino light est très fine (taille US 1 ou 2 d'après eatsleepknit), le rendu que tu obtiens en la tricotant en aiguille 5mm me surprend beaucoup.



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