Pretty Pregnancy Wardrobe: Belly-Friendly Cardi ~ Un gilet pour bidon évolutif

Hello, everyone!

First off, for those of you who don’t listen to the podcast – Seb and I are having a girl!
As you can imagine, my head is reeling with ideas for her wardrobe. 🙂

Today, though, is about my own Pretty Pregnancy Wardrobe. This week I finished a major piece in the collection.

Vitamin D Cardigan
(19 weeks)

This may well be my favourite knitting FO so far.

The yarn, first, is dear to my heart. Bought on our stay in the Peak District, made from local sheep (British Blue-Faced Leicester – of which we saw a great deal on our hikes), it is kettle-dyed with plants, in a colourway also reminiscent of the flowers encountered on our hikes in beautiful Derbyshire – Bluebell. Perfect.
This yarn drapes beautifully and is so soft. My only complaint is that it bled significantly onto my fingers when knitting (note to self: do not wear this over a white top!), but that’s part of the charm with natural dyes.
The other thing I love is the tone-on-tone variegation of the yarn, which gives so much movement to the knitted fabric, and emphasizes the interesting construction of this cardigan.
Vitamin D Cardigan - finished and blocking!
(yes, the colour varies greatly depending on the light)
Project details:
Design: Vitamin D, by Heidi Kirrmaier
Yarn: Dazzle Sock by the Natural Dye Studio, in the Bluebell colourway; I used 965 m/1055 yds. Purchased at the delightful Purl City Yarns shop, in Manchester.
Needle size: 4 mm (US 6) and 3.5 mm (US5).
Project page on ravelry


I can safely say this is the cleverest design I’ve knit in my (admittedly short) knitting career. With the radial increases and various series of short rows, the design and construction keep you interested throughout despite the looong stockinette rows.
I also like that it has equal visual interest at the front and at the back.
I realize I am blabbering on and on, but I really love this thing. It is knit on smallish needles (for such a large cardigan – there’s a lot of fabric at the front!) and the end did feel a bit tedious; but I was in serious need of it (which happens if you tend to knit very fitted sweaters that are utterly unsuitable to an ever-expanding belly). Last Sunday, I started on the second sleeve and vowed I would not knit on anything else before I was done with this. I started knitting industriously at 1 pm in front of a BBC miniseries DVD (the 2009 version of Emma, with Romola Garai), and finished the sleeve – and thereby the whole cardigan – at 10 in the evening.

There! Baby and I should be toasty this autumn and winter. And I should be in the autumns/winters to come, too. 😉



Bonjour, tout le monde !

Tout d’abord, pour celles et ceux que ça intéresse (et qui n’écoutent pas le podcast) : nous attendons une petite fille !
Comme vous pouvez vous l’imaginer, ma tête fourmille d’idées pour sa petite garde-robe. 😉

Mais parlons aujourd’hui de la mienne, de garde-robe ; car cette semaine j’ai terminé une pièce de résistance.

Je crois bien que ce gilet est mon ouvrage préféré depuis que j’ai commencé à tricoter…
Le fil vient de notre séjour dans le Nord de l’Angleterre cet été, a été produit localement avec des moutons anglais (Blue-Faced Leicester), et teint aux plantes, dans un coloris appelé “Bluebell”, c’est-à-dire campanule… Les campanules, comme les moutons, nous en avons vu tout notre saoul lors de nos randonnées cet été. Ce fil c’est donc un souvenir en tous points représentatif de nos belles vacances au pays de Pemberley…


Voilà, je vous laisse avec des infos plus concises, et les photos…


Vitamin D Cardigan - finished and blocking!
Modèle: Vitamin D, par Heidi Kirrmaier
Fil: Dazzle Sock par the Natural Dye Studio, coloris Bluebell; j’ai eu besoin de 965 mètres. Acheté à Purl City Yarns, à Manchester.
Tailles d’aiguilles: 4 mm et 3,5 mm.
Fiche projet sur Ravelry
Et voilà ! Le bébé et moi devrions avoir bien chaud cet automne et cet hiver.

29 thoughts on “Pretty Pregnancy Wardrobe: Belly-Friendly Cardi ~ Un gilet pour bidon évolutif

  1. knittinginLondon says:

    It looks really nice on you and it is probably really comfy too!

    If you rinse it with a little vinegar in the water it may lock the colour in and stop it from bleeding anymore (or fading). I had to do that with some sock yarn awhile ago and it seemed to work quite well.


  2. nowaks nähkästchen says:

    It is really a beautiful Cardi and I love to read what you write, because it tells me how much you love it. Which is, of course, wonderful!

    And I am sure you are going to have a beautiful daughter who will have the most beautiful baby wardrobe!
    (Indeed, I do not listen to the podcast, podcasts are to time consuming for me. But I am probably the only one.)


  3. Stephanie says:

    Dear Isabelle,

    First of all you look so wonderful. Wow! Second, you are right; that is a truly stunning knit and you have every reason to go on and on about it. Actually don't you find that when pregnant the good things seem even more fantastic? I am not pregnant but I too could go on and on about that cardigan. It is delightful.

    Isabelle, I had my third child 20 months ago and when I found out she was a girl I was over the moon. My mind is in permanent overdrive about dolls, girl's clothes, etc.

    You will have so much fun, my dear.

    How has the pregnancy going?


  4. SheriNJ says:

    My first baby was a girl too! I was thrilled the moment I found out, I wanted her so badly! Her brother followed just 12 months and 10 days later – just think if you would be so lucky!

    Your sweater has inspired me to knit one for myself. You did a beautiful job knitting and photographing it. Thanks!


  5. Clinsette says:

    Il est magnifique!
    Et toi aussi tu es trop belle, il te va super bien!
    Je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de te féliciter, je pensais le faire hier au Tricot-thé, mais finalement je suis bloquée à la maison encore une semaine…
    Alors voilà, félicitations, je suis ravie pour toi, et une fille, le rêve!!!!! Tout ce que tu vas pouvoir lui faire!
    Plein de gros bisous


  6. Lilian says:

    A girl! How lovely, congratulations. I can already see you making up all kind of sweet little things for her.
    Your sweater is beautiful (gorgeous colour) but I think all of your knitting is impeccable.
    Your post made me realise I really have to catch up on your podcasts. I only listened to the first two and enjoyed them very much. So I guess I'll squeeze in some relaxing couch-time this week.


  7. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère Isabelle !
    Il est absolument magnifique ton gilet, j'adore la couleur ! Tu dis Pemberley … le vrai, le pays de Mr Darcy ?!! Waouh !
    Et une petite fille, c'est super ! Quelle maman ne rêve pas d'une petite fille ? Et j'imagine déjà toutes les merveilles que tu vas lui concocter !
    Je te fais de gros bisous, et je pense que ton beau gilet doit être sagement rangé dans le placard aujourd'hui avec le temps estival que nous avons !


  8. Tracy says:

    Hello mum and baby! ;o) LOVE, love, love this GORGEOUS cardi! This looks like piece you can wear now and post-baby too possibly. The shaping and color are just dazzling. Dare I say this is my fave so far too?! You have knit so much this year, it's just seriously impressive how far you're come in so short a time. I almost can't knit with fine needles & yarn now,due to pain in my hands/wrist, but I can still do chunky sticks and string. Oh, LOVE the necklace you're wearing here too. And incidentally, just re-watched 2009 version of Emma, with Romola Garai too–this one is charming, isn't it?! ((HUGS))


  9. Tiphaine says:

    Allez, un petit message en français, je suis feignante ;).

    En effet il y a eu de la surface à tricoter, en aiguilles 3,5 ou 4 ça a du te prendre des dizaines d'heures! Il est tellement beau et il te va très bien, il vaut bien le temps que tu y as passé ;).
    La structure est très originale tout en restant sobre, c'est le vêtement évolutif parfait ;). En tout cas bravo, tu as encore montré qu'on pouvait faire des choses extraordinaires au tricot et que l'on pouvait être enceinte ET belle ET stylée ;).
    à bientôt,


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