Fluffy Fibers: Episode 08 ~ Inspiration Overload

Fabric for the nursery: Susybee Lewe by Hamil Textiles

In which I explain my sewing plans for the nursery and for myself, mention my knitting finishes and projects, share a small knitting design, and a recipe for healthy biscotti.

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~ Episode 08 Shownotes ~
1. Sewing Projects; 2. Knitting Projects; 3. Something Natural, Something Seasonal

No finishes this time, but lots of plans taking shape.
– Nursery decor – Pam’s Place is the etsy store where I got the fabric for the nursery (pictured above). I highly recommend this seller. Fabric is designed by Susybee, and is produced by Hamil Textiles.
Sweet Safari organic fabric line, by Alyssa Thomas
– Kwik Sew 3689 and Simplicity 2388:

Baby patterns!

       2.a Finishes
– Finished my Vitamin D cardigan. Blogged here.
– Also finished Sunnyside Baby Cardigan. Need to find buttons or to cover some myself.

      2.b Currently knitting
– Making progress on Plaid Torsadé by la Droguerie.
– Wanted to start on the Clara Dress but felt my yarn worked better in garter stitch; so I opted to start the Garter Stitch Baby Kimono instead. I am calling this Nymphéas, as I find the hues in my skein of Dream in Color Smooshy highly reminiscent of Monet’s Waterlilies, AKA Nymphéas.
(I mention the Damson shawl I knit in a variegated Malabrigo sock yarn.)
My KnitPro bamboo circulars are not quite ideal for this project, though, so I would love to receive advice on more slippery circular needles in small sizes.

     2.c Other knitting news (42:26)
– Published a little design for a felted cozy for a MP3 player.


     3.a Advice needed on cloth diapers
I would love some feedback from people who have experience with cloth diapers; here, or on the Fluffy Fibers group.

     3.b Healthy Biscotti Recipe (47:14)


When you crave a biscuit but want to do without the saturated fats!
Preheat oven to 160°C (320 F)

  • 125 g = 4 ½ oz organic almonds, or 50% almonds and 50% hazelnuts
  • 250 g = 8 ¾ oz organic flour
  • 100 to 115 g = 3 1/2 to 4 oz cane sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 g = 1 ¾ oz organic sultanas
  • Orange rind
  • A pinch of salt.

Beat eggs and sugar vigorously – the more you beat, the fluffier it gets, the lighter the biscuits will be
Mix in flour and salt.
Add almonds, sultanas and orange rind.
You’ll end up with a big lump of dough that is rather hard to work. Transfer it onto a baking tray covered with a baking sheet. Shape the lump into a long loaf, that should be about 6 cm/2” wide.
Bake for 35 minutes. When the 35 minutes are up, take the loaf out of the oven, and cut it into thin slices, about 1 cm = 3/8” thick.
Lay the slices on one side and put back in oven for 5 minutes; take out of the oven again and lay the slices on the other side to bake for another 5 minutes.
You can choose to bake these for a bit longer if you want very hard biscotti (to dip into tea or coffee for instance).

Now all you need to do is invite a few friends over and enjoy the biscotti with them over a hot beverage – and some knitting!

Credits: Music: Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, mvt. 3 by Joseph Haydn, played by Mario Ajero.

5 thoughts on “Fluffy Fibers: Episode 08 ~ Inspiration Overload

  1. Margaret says:

    Oh Isabelle! 🙂 Your baby projects and plans are adorable! All the time you put into researching the fabric was well worth it. I am happy you will have a lovely visit with your parents. 🙂 And thank you for the recipe. (I have actually incorporated every recipe you have shared thus far into my own monthly menu planning!) ~Margaret


  2. Tia chevelue :) says:

    Coucou Isabelle! J'ai découvert tes podcasts via ton compte Ravelry et voulait te dire un grand bravo! Tes podcasts sont très intéressants et je suis bluffée par ton anglais! J'ai testé ta recette de Biscotti ce week end, c'est délicieux et je compte déjà en refaire 🙂 Merci pour partager tout cela avec nous!


  3. Dakota says:

    How I love your blog… I don't comment very often but I do read all the time!

    On cloth diapers… I used Thirsties covers which I really liked. They're made here in the US though, so I don't know if they will be available over there. I have also heard really good things about Apple Cheeks (Canadian). If for some reason Thirsties are available over there, I do not recommend their inserts. Honestly, I'd look into a diaper service if you have one nearby. We did that for the first several months. It was wonderful. It was very hard to get the smell out when we washed our own.


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