All but done: Baby Knits (I) ~ Tricots pour bébé (I)

Hello, hello!
Today I thought I’d share baby items that are all knit up, and only need a bit of finishing.
Cardigan à empiècement arrondi
This round yoke cardigan is the very first thing I made for the baby, when we felt the pregnancy was far along enough to get started on concrete plans… I knit this in the Peak District as we were approaching the 3-month landmark. Knitting this first item for the baby was so very special.
Why is it not quite finished, will you ask? Well, I want to appliqué a little birdie to the lower left side of the cardigan – to bring more focus onto the buttons.

Cardigan à Empiècement arrondi

The following cardigan took up a lot more time, being knit on 3-mm (size 2 1/2) needles. 🙂
Sunnyside Baby Cardigan
The design is a freebie by Canadian designer Tanis Lavallée.
I wish you could see in person just how soft and beautiful this turned out, thanks to the alpaca yarn. Well worth all the time.
Sunnyside Baby Cardigan
Why no buttons yet? I just couldn’t find buttons that matched the cardigan in softness of shade and material, AND that were small enough, so I resorted to making my own. I couldn’t even find locally kits for fabric-covered buttons in such a small size, so I had to buy the kit online – and received it this week.
What I hadn’t anticipated, however, is that such a soft, soft cardigan, would be requiring the use of a hammer. Let me tell you, covering tiny, teeny 11-mm buttons is a much fiddlier business than covering larger buttons for a coat.
Making tiny, tiny buttons for a tiny cardigan
(fabric is remnants of the Liberty used to make the skirt I’m wearing in the picture at the very top of the sidebar – blogged here.)


Lastly, this big, soft, cushy blanket was knit with worsted yarn held double and 7-mm needles.
Plaid torsadé de La Droguerie - blocking
The design is by La Droguerie – Plaid Torsadé, from their Tous les bébés de la Droguerie book (sadly not available online, and rather tricky to get even in France!).
I really like how this turned out. It is technically finished, and could be used as is; but I want to make this more special by backing it with a beautiful flannel, which hasn’t arrived yet. I want this to be a classy, timeless, but also sturdy blanket that may last and appeal to our daughter for many years. Backing it will definitely make it more durable – and warmer, and even cushier!

I’ll be sharing more details of each when they are 100% finished. 🙂

I am also almost done with the most adorable little dress ever, and should finish another baby jacket within the next week. At this rate, our baby girl is going to have a rather well-stocked wardrobe!

Next up though: more maternity wardrobe sewing for me! I mean, it’s still very much summer here, which is rather strange (we’ve been breaking all-time records of temperatures this week), but autumn is bound to come eventually, right?

20 thoughts on “All but done: Baby Knits (I) ~ Tricots pour bébé (I)

  1. anneke says:

    Hi Isabelle, after a long long time I visited your blog again. To find out you're pregnant!! And knitting (in 'about us' you're telling that you don't knit lol) How wonderful, especially knitting these wonderful items for your little girl. I'm glad you're doing so well!!
    Love from Holland.


  2. Tracy says:

    Sooo, sooo LOVELY, Isabelle! That round yoke cardi is especially wonderful–that color! The blanket looks very cuddly. You little girl will be the best dressed for sure. ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


  3. Nadia says:

    Absolument trognon tout ce que tu fais Isabelle.
    Et quelle bosseuse tu fais, je suis toujours autant admirative. Maintenant je crois que je suis impatiente de voir ton futur bébé vêtue de toutes ces merveilles.


  4. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    Gros coup de coeur pour le premier gilet que tu as tricoté pour ta miss, il est superbe !
    Et la couverture de bébé est également magnifique, c'est vrai qu'ils s'en servent longtemps ! Ma grand-mère en avait tricoté une petite pour chacun de mes gremlins, quand ils étaient en néo-nat, puis une un peu plus grande après, et cette deuxième sert encore beaucoup, Aélys ne veut absolument pas de couette pour dormir, alors, c'est surpyjama et empilage de ses deux couvertures de bébé (une en coton bio offerte par ma maman, et pas très grande, et la deuxième, celle tricotée par ma mamie …) !
    Gros bisous ma chère amie !
    PS : j'adore les petits boutons en bois en forme d'oiseau !!


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