I wasn’t going to make anything in pink… Baby Knits II

Hello, all!

I knew I said the next thing I finished (and shared here) would be some sewing for me, but my back decided otherwise over the past couple of weeks.
Since I most certainly will not turn this blog into an account of small pregnancy woes, and I don’t want to desert it – and you! – either, I’m sharing another tiny knit today.
Baby Dress - Cat included for scale :)
Cat included for scale 
(but do keep in mind her build is closer to Maine Coon than Persian!)


Baby Dress
Project details:
Design: Super Simple Baby Tunic by Rebecca Gunn.
Yarn: Austral by Katia for the white; Crofter by Sirdar for the fair-isle pink (colourway is Loganberry).
I bought the Crofter on Ebay and was expecting more of a red than a pink; but as you can see, this is definitely in warm pink shades. This is why I decided to play around with some white to tone it down.
My alterations:
  • My gauge was a little larger than recommended, and I deliberately kept it that way, to make a slightly larger dress that should last the baby a while longer.
  • I knit this a bit longer, as a dress for early days (and probably a tunic for later)
  • I replaced the moss stitch at the bodice with garter stitch, as the moss stitch looked too muddy with the fair-isling yarn.
  • I cast on one extra stitch at split between front and back when joining for bodice.
  • Stripes distribution: white eyelet edging; 2-row pink stripe; 8-row white stripe; then all pink until 2 rows before bodice: 1 row white, 1 decrease row white, 2 bodice rows white.
  • I also knit buttonhole tabs in white for a better contrast with the front (and with the buttons), and to have them match.
Baby Dress
I’m not sure how much of this you can see (you’ll see it much better in the picture’s original size), but the buttons are in a gradation from light pink to warm fuchsia to pinkish brown – all of which are also part of the yarn’s colours!
Seb and I are not huge fans of pink, but we both had to acknowledge how cute this turned out. Let’s say pink is just going to be one of many colours we’re going to dress our baby in. 🙂
Back is finally better as of yesterday (fingers crossed it’ll stay that way for a little while!) and since the weather here brutally turned from blistering summer to early winter, I have, have to manage and find some time amidst my work (mid-terms, yay! – not) to crank out a coat very soon. As in, over the very next few days. I traced the pattern and cut out the coat and lining yesterday, so at least the worst part (for my back, but also because I hate tracing and cutting) is over!
Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

20 thoughts on “I wasn’t going to make anything in pink… Baby Knits II

  1. MariaDenmark says:

    As I already said on Ravelry: It's adorable and I want to make one:-)
    Also, It's nice to see the fairIsle yarn (which I loathe in socks) actually look great on this dress. ight not overdye all the fair isle yarn I have after all…


  2. Nadia says:

    Quelle petite merveille tu nous a fais une fois de plus. Le fait de voir petite mignonne à côté donne une bonne idée de la taille de cette robe. Je trouve que tu as très bien choisi la couleur, c'est rose mais pas trop. (bon je suis super fan du rose pour les petites filles donc … ^^ ).
    Les boutons sont tout aussi mignons.
    J'espère que ton dos va vite te ficher la paix.


  3. millefeuilles says:


    My heart sings when I see your little dress! You will be so happy when your little girl arrives.

    I just wanted to thank you so very much for your kind comment on my post about Sakura and to let you know that I have linked to your blog on tonight's post.

    Warm wishes,



  4. Tracy says:

    Very glad you're feeling better, Isabelle… LOVELY little dress! I'm so glad it's pink. ;o) It is very sweet. I have knit a similar dress for one of my nieces, and in a larger gauge–it was used for a long time! Must thank you for the newsletter love and signing up. I've sent it of to you today. I am very excited about this, as it's something I've wanted to try for a while, especially as I love to write, and find it a way to combine all my loves. And must thank you, too, for the condolences for us. We're pretty sad since our friend passed away. Be keeping well. ((LOVE & HUGS))


  5. Janet says:

    After 5 lovely grandsons I too finally have a little girl. I am so excited and for me to see what you are making your little doll really inspires me to knit for my sweetie pie.

    Take care of yourself.


  6. The Sampler Girl says:

    Isabelle – that is precious!! Oh my, how darling.
    Your lovely feline could be mine's twin — how old is your cat? My Maddy's markings are very similar. Hope you are feeling well — keep knitting, podcasting, and enjoying every minute!



  7. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    Ta petite robe est vraiment à croquer ! Et pour ce qui est du rose … ben, comme tous les jeunes parents que je connais (moi comprise), tu te dis que tu ne mettras pas QUE du rose à ta fille … mais à la sortie, tu t'apercevras que tu lui en mets quand même beaucoup … ne serait-ce que parce que les collections enfants mettent beaucoup de rose et de violet dans les vêtements pour fille … et que pour un enfant, c'est quand même plus sympa de mettre des couleurs vives et gaies que de se cantonner aux gris qui donnent une alternative … et pour un peu que tu aies une jolie brunette comme mon Aélys, les roses foncés lui vont si bien (et c'est difficile de trouver du rouge, autre que des vêtements de sport …), que c'est difficile de ne pas craquer …
    Gros bisous, chez nous aussi, le temps a changé d'un seul coup, et j'ai les pieds tout froid et t'écrivant ce message …


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