Little Red (Riding Hood) Baby Bump Coat / Manteau de (Petit Chaperon) Gros Bidon Rouge

Hello, all!

Finally, pictures and a review of my red maternity coat!
(Montpellier cathedral in the background)


First off, the pictures were taken 2 weeks ago. I was hoping for sunnier weather to take better pictures, but I’m not sure when that will happen – so we’ll have to be content with these!


Those of you listening to the podcast already know all about the fabric – a cashmere and wool blend – and the troubles I ran into with the pattern. I do NOT recommend the book this pattern is from – Les Intemporels pour future maman, by Citronille. If you don’t have any experience in coat/jacket sewing, save yourself hours of frustration (and the waste of beautiful fabric) and do not go anywhere near this pattern.
I do like the finished result, though.
This picture and the next show the coat well, but the true colours are those of the first picture – it’s been impossible to take good pictures since this coat was made, as we’ve been having weeks and weeks of heavy rain.


Oh and look – pockets – of course!



Luckily, I’d read up a lot on the topic of coat/jacket making a few years ago, and had written a tutorial to add a lining the proper way back then; it all came in handy.


Here’s a peak at the pleat I added to the center back of the lining, for extra ease:
(again, the red is much cooler and deeper in real life, with a magenta sheen.)
I was at first a bit frustrated with having to settle on something so common as a black lining (as always, by lack of choice locally), but I have to say it does look classy against the red.
(see how I’m flashing my baby bump at you – shocking I know!)
The top, by the way, is Onion 2017 – I made it years ago and it is one of my most oft-worn handmade garments. The front usually flows in deep pleats for a look that is absolutely not maternity-like, but the fabric is now all filled out. I have been wearing this, and my longer version, a lot lately, as the fit was rather loose to start with, so that I’m not stretching out the fabric – yet.
(Taken 2 weeks ago, i.e. just shy of 5 months pregnant)


This has been one of my favourite maternity outfits lately.

Bonjour à tou-te-s !
Voici (enfin !) des photos de mon manteau ceinturé.

Le tissu est un mélange laine et cachemire, bien chaud, bien doux.
Le patron, “manteau ceinturé”, est issu du livre Citronille des Intemporels pour future maman, que je ne recommande pas… Surtout pas à des débutants ! Si vous n’avez jamais fait de manteau ou de veste avant, passez votre chemin, et épargnez-vous des mètres de beau tissu gâché et des heures de frustration.


Si cela vous intéresse que je partage mes modifications du patron avec vous, alors faites-le savoir en commentaire. J’ai si peu de commentaires de lectrices-lecteurs francophones que je n’ai pas envie de passer du temps à réécrire mes modifications sans savoir si cela sert vraiment.


Cela dit, j’aime bien le résultat final.
Cette photo montre bien le manteau, mais pour la couleur, c’est la première photo qui est la plus fidèle : un rouge profond avec des reflets magenta.


Et comme tout manteau qui se respecte, il a des poches !

(ici encore, le rouge est plus profond et froid en vrai.)


Voici un aperçu de l’intérieur :
J’étais un peu déçue d’avoir si peu de choix pour la doublure et de devoir me rabattre sur du noir. Mais finalement c’est plutôt classe en contraste avec le rouge.


Le haut est Onion 2017 – je l’ai fait il y a des années et ça demeure un de mes hauts faits main préférés. Comme il était peu ajusté au départ, je peux encore le porter pour un petit moment sans le déformer, grâce aux deux pinces profondes du devant. J’aime beaucoup porter ce haut et version plus longue en ce moment.
Photos prises il y a 2 semaines, c’est-à-dire à presque 5 mois.

32 thoughts on “Little Red (Riding Hood) Baby Bump Coat / Manteau de (Petit Chaperon) Gros Bidon Rouge

  1. Tracy says:

    The coat is WONDERFUL, Isabelle… you did lovely work on this one–and love the RED! It a great color on you. And your current fave outfit is so pretty–the top especially. 5 months looks great on you too. ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


  2. Gilly says:

    You look beautiful in your coat Isabelle. A yummy mummy! I have loved reading your blog and laterly listening to your podcast.
    Many years ago I too knew that we were expecting a baby girl and I had great pleasure sewing her newborn wardrobe. I have kept a couple of these treasured garments, but how I wish that I too had documented this wonderful journey.
    Your baby is a very lucky little girl, and in years to come it will be a wonderful gift for her to share your joy.


  3. Nadia says:

    Comme d'habitude Isabelle ce que tu partages avec nous est magnifique !
    Et ce rouge, est tout bonnement parfait sur toi.
    Et en plus tu nous fais “visiter” Montepellier avec tes cheveux lâchés et la cathédrale en arrière plan. 😀


  4. Trina-Lea says:

    Both you and the coat look gorgeous. It has been many years since my last pregnancy and as much as I enjoyed being pregnant I do remember how much better I felt about my changing body when I was dressed in something pretty.
    Thank you for such a enjoyable podcsst. The knitting topic drew me here but I am loving all aspects of your recording from: the sewing tips, ecological tips, book reviews and recipes.


  5. DreaLund says:

    Hello Isabelle,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your podcasts and blog. My sister told me about them awhile ago and I finally downloaded all of the episodes. You are such an inspiration to the both of us. I knit, sew, read and cook and your tastes match mine perfectly. My sister has finally decided to take some knitting classes to learn properly, so I have you to thank!!!
    Keep up the good work – it is greatly appreciated!!!!


  6. Jali says:

    The coat is plain sophistication, Isabelle. And so neatly finished too. I was looking forward to seeing this after listening to the podcasts. The colour and coat are both gorgeous on you.


  7. KarenP says:

    Your coat is gorgeous! I am glad you are happy with it after the troubles you ran into making it. Funny – I saw your top and thought it looked like the Onion top, and then I saw that it was! Great that you are able to use it as a maternity top. I have had that pattern in my stash since it first came out, but still haven't made it.


  8. Sewingelle says:

    What a magnificent coat.

    And it is such a pleasure to see the Cathedral in your background. I lived in Montpelier for a year about 20 years ago, and I always enjoy your photos showing the city I love in the background!


  9. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    J'adore ton manteau, ce rouge est magnifique … pendant ma grossesse, je m'étais acheté une robe rouge aussi, mais je n'ai pas eu beaucoup l'occasion de la mettre …
    Gros bisous !


  10. lau says:

    bravo !!
    et moi je vote pour les infos sur tes modifs ( mais pas d'urgence et pas de pression…) qui auront vite fait de faire le tour de la blogo française (le livre s'est bien vendu…et bcp ont eu de déboires je crois )
    même si tu as moins de comm' français …pour le moment 🙂


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