A casual top: Jalie 2804, adapted for maternity wear

Hello, hello, friends!

I am truly and completely swamped (and exhausted!) at the moment, and very behind with my blogging – not to mention the podcast. Things should start to calm down in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, this post will be short and sweet – still better than none at all, right?

Here are pictures from a couple of weeks ago…
This is Jalie 2804 – the Empire Crossover top, which I altered for maternity wear. It is so comfy, and I trust it is long enough to last me to the end of the pregnancy – and beyond, as it is also nursing friendly.


I made this out of 100% cotton jersey. The bust line sits a little high (I underestimated how much fabric I needed up there!), but it is still wearable IMO. If only because it is so cosy to wear! I also like the ruching at the sides.


Have a lovely weekend!

11 thoughts on “A casual top: Jalie 2804, adapted for maternity wear

  1. Marie-Noëlle says:

    Merci pour les photos. J'adore les champs d'olivier. Mieux vaut tard que jamais je ne t'ai pas encore félicité pour ta grossesse, je lis ton blog régulièrement mais je n'ai pas encore pris le temps de commenter.
    Repose toi bien pour être en pleine forme le jour J. Ne t'en fais pas pour nous nous pouvons attendre.


  2. The Sampler Girl says:

    You look fabulous, Isabelle! Lovely jacket and shawlette – beautiful. Just got caught up with your latest podcast yesterday and lovely to hear updates from you but yes, please only make those podcasts when you can – you're busy!! 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of November.


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