Fluffy Fibers: Episode 10 ~ Making Do with Little Time

Simplicity 3678 Sneak Preview :)
Simplicity 3678 Sneak Preview

I managed to free up a bit of time to put out a recording just before the end of November. Yay!
P’tite Mignonne was a bit crazy this time, so I hope the occasional meowing in the background won’t be too distracting (she is a very vocal cat).
Also, the baby was dancing all along the recording; but that you cannot hear. 🙂

You can download the episode (36:10) here, or listen directly from the embedded player below (if it works on your browser).
Here is the direct feed for the podcast, and you can also find the podcast on iTunes.

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~ Episode 10 Shownotes ~

1. Sewing Projects; 2. Knitting Projects; 3. Something Natural, Something Seasonal

Thank yous.
Fluffy Fibers group on Ravelry
Tini sent me an Ottobre issue.
Jali had a giveaway – I won a darling Kwik Sew Duro Dress.
Tanesha sent me a copy of Scandinavian Stitches from her birthday giveaway.

– I made a dress! Simplicity 3678, which I altered for maternity wear. Sneak preview on top of this post; “real” pictures and alteration details are forthcoming. 🙂

I had previously made a winter version with crossover bodice back in 2007; and a summer version, with scoop bodice and cap sleeves, in 2009.
With a knit print that Melissa brought me last Spring. The whole story is here.
– Took pictures of my Jalie white top: see this post.

       2.a Finishes
Baby Hospital Hat, by Annika Barranti; knit in Katia Eco Cotton.
– Other finish: see the “Something Natural” section.

      2.b Currently knitting
– Started knitting a baby cardigan/jacket that I’m designing.
– Plugging along on the Garter Stitch Baby Kimono, in Dream in Color Smooshy. One sleeve (and the edging to go). The end is nigh!
– Also making slow but steady progress on my Étole Jardin des Plantes, by La Droguerie; knitting this in alpaca (Sierra Andina by Adriafil) – very lightweight, and therefore a perfect commuting project. I’m 3/4 done.
– Started on a white baby sweater in a true newborn size this time, for baby’s first few hours/days. Design is Brassière Cashmere, by La Droguerie; from their book Tous les Bébés de la Droguerie, but also appeared in Les Bébés de la Droguerie, and in one of their very few English books, La Droguerie’s Babies. I say in the podcast that this was supposed to be knit in a DK yarn, but the recommended weight is in fact worsted. As I couldn’t find any white superwash merino here, I’m using Drops Baby Merino (fingering), held double. I really like this yarn. This is a fun design.

     2.c Coming up next
– The über-famous Fetching gloves for my brother’s girlfriend; out of Drops Nepal in light grey green. Tany made a pair of elbow length Fetching for me 4 years ago and I still love and wear them to bits.
– Mitts for Seb (my own design), in the style of Mitchell’s gloves in the British series Being Human.
– Baby pyjamas
– A vest for my 2-year old nephew’s birthday.



Where I talk about crocheted washable scrubbers. The design I use is Spiral Scrubbies by Judith Prindle.

Credits: Music: Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, mvt. 3 by Joseph Haydn, played by Mario Ajero.

4 thoughts on “Fluffy Fibers: Episode 10 ~ Making Do with Little Time

  1. melissa says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout! It put a big smile on my face as I was walking across Tower Bridge on my way to work this morning (I think people were looking at me funny!). We have such fond memories of our trip at Easter, too. 🙂

    And Seb's gloves sound great! I love True Blood and Being Human so I know exactly the kind you were describing! You're very clever to work out your own pattern!!


  2. Margaret says:

    I love the idea for the spiral crocheted scrubbies (we're very ecologically-friendly in our home, too). May I ask, if you have time ever to address it, how do you dry the laundry without a dryer or outside clothes line? I use an inside rack in the fall/winters when we have a wood stove on; but the other times of the year the clothes just wouldn't dry before they mildewed slightly, so I put them on the outside line. Just something I've wondered! ~ maybe there's an idea I can try. 🙂

    (Oh, you mentioned asking on Ravelry about the length of the podcast. . .I'm not on Ravelry yet, but wanted to share that I enjoy your long podcasts equally as well as the shorter ones. They're wonderful and definitely not “too long,” but just informative and enjoyable and pleasant. A longer podcast just means…two cups of tea instead of one! What could be better. 🙂


  3. millefeuilles says:

    Dear, dear Isabelle,

    I am feeling growing excitement for your beautiful (yes, she will be) daughter's arrival? Angélique (born by some happy coincidence on her name day) was born end January 2010 so it all feels deliciously near still.

    I continue to be in awe and humbled in similar doses by your creative output.

    You are remarkable.


  4. roxy1364 says:

    I just want to say I love your podcast – I've learned so much about a variety of topics! You are amazingly talented and have a lovely voice to listen to while I attempt projects not nearly as fabulous as yours!


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