Winter Maternity Dress

At long last! Here’s the review for my winter maternity dress, along with pictures taken over a week ago… This last week has been way too busy for my own taste!
(pictures taken at 6 months+1 week, i.e. 29 weeks pregnant)

So, here is Simplicity 3678, which I made in its regular (non-maternity) version twice in the past: a winter version with crossover bodice back in 2007 (which currently looks pretty cute over my bump and leggings); and a summer version, with scoop bodice and cap sleeves, in 2009.

My alterations for maternity wear here were fairly simple:
– I cut the top bodice 2 sizes larger than usual at the front
– as with Simplicity 2580, I removed the taper from hips to waist in the front skirt, which gave me a rectangle for the front skirt. I redistributed the extra fabric with gathers centered at the middle front (NOT all the way around, which wouldn’t have been as flattering, especially as my bump sits all at the front and not at all at the sides).
– this time, given that my bump is much bigger than back in the summer, I also lengthened the center front of the skirt, by drafting a hem that scoops down from the sides to the middle. This allows the hem to remain even.
See? Even hem all around 🙂
I have been getting so much wear out of this dress – it is great for layering with warm tops and tights underneath, boots and a lovely red cardigan (not handmade) if it’s really cold, and of course, my red coat!

One last picture for the fun of it:


(of course, this one is Seb’s favourite!)

If/when I feel less tired, I’m still hoping to sew pyjamas and (perhaps?) an extra top for the last couple of months before the baby comes. We’ll see. For now, though, I really need to rest up!

19 thoughts on “Winter Maternity Dress

  1. Margaret says:

    Your alterations are amazing. I'd never have guessed otherwise that it wasn't originally a maternity pattern. I love the design of the fabric, too! Very versatile, very stylish! You look wonderful.


  2. Anonymous says:

    je suis admirative car vous avez le temps ( vous le prenez ) pour creer de jolies toilettes . Bravo pour les transformations .Cette robe est tres jolie Passez de bonnes fêtes et à bientôt


  3. Tiphaine says:

    Super photos, comme d'habitude :). Bravo pour la robe, tu as drolement bien réussi ton coup (comme d'habitude là encore!). Je suis impressionnée par le ventre que tu as à à peine plus de 6 mois, je me demande comment tu vas être les dernières semaines! Je comprends Seb, j'adore la tête que tu fais sur la dernière photo ;).


  4. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    Je vous souhaite à toi et à Seb un très Joyeux Noël, ainsi qu'à toute ta famille !
    Ta robe est très jolie, et tu es superbe avec ce joli ballon rond qui te tient lieu de ventre ! Il y a en une qui doit avoir de la place pour danser la java, là-dessous !
    Gros bisous et caresse à la petite Mignonne !


  5. Teddylyn says:

    You look so cute and so happy! Lovely wardrobe you have created–my mom made me a maternity wardrobe oh so many years ago and I always felt cute and confident going out and about. You look stylish and sophisticated. Tres jolie!

    Lynda in LV


  6. Tracy says:

    LOVELY dress, Isabelle! And the last image is such fun! Your hair is sooo long now! Hoping you & yours had a lovely holiday break just now. Great to be back in blogland after two weeks away for Christmas in the USA, and catch up with you here now. Wishing you all the very best in 2012–PEACE, LOVE & JOY! And not least happy days with baby soon arriving. :o) ((HUGS))


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