Super Quick Knits (1): Alpaca Cowl ~ Tricots express (1): col en alpaga

Hello, friends!

I am sharing the first in a small series of projects that were super quick to knit – but are also quite useful!
Today, an alpaca cowl to go with my red coat
Cambrian Cowl


Design: Cambrian Cowl, by Alana Dakos; from the Coastal Knits book, which I reviewed in episode 9 of my podcast.
Yarn: Montana, by Lang Yarns; a thick-and-thin slub alpaca yarn. See the irregular stitches this creates?
Cambrian Cowl

Love it. It adds a nice rustic touch.

Cambrian Cowl

Buttons are from La Mercerie in Montpellier.

I like this cowl, and the construction was fun. After wearing it a few times, though, I wish I’d made it smaller. As it is, it absolutely needs to be folded on itself to stay put; so I am slipping it on wrong side out, and folding it over, so that the right side and buttons lie on top.
Something to bear in mind if you have (or are knitting this for someone with) a narrow neck.



Bonjour, bonjour!
J’entame aujourd’hui une petite série de tricots rapides (mais non moins utiles ;)). Aujourd’hui, un col en alpaga, pour aller avec mon manteau rouge
Cambrian Cowl


Modèle: Cambrian Cowl, de Alana Dakos; tiré du livre Coastal Knits dont j’ai fait un compte-rendu dans l’épisode 9 de mon podcast.
Fil: Montana, de Lang Yarns; de l’alpaga en fil mèche, donc irrégulier. Voyez les mailles irrégulières qu’il donne :
Cambrian Cowl

J’aime beaucoup ce petit effet rustique…

Cambrian Cowl

Les boutons viennent de La Mercerie in Montpellier (choisis avec une amie qui se reconnaîtra, un bien bon souvenir ;)).

Cambrian Cowl
J’aime bien ce col, et la façon dont il se monte est originale ; mais après l’avoir porté plusieurs fois, je dois reconnaître qu’il est trop grand pour moi. Pour pallier ce problème, il est impératif que je le porte replié sur lui-même. Du coup, je l’enfile à l’envers, et je replie le bord supérieur sur le bord inférieur, pour que les boutons et l’endroit du tricot soient posés sur la couche inférieure.
Tricoteuses aux cous graciles, pensez-y si vous souhaitez tricoter ce col !

6 thoughts on “Super Quick Knits (1): Alpaca Cowl ~ Tricots express (1): col en alpaga

  1. Life is Elsewhere says:

    Hello! I've only just come across your blog – what amazing things you create! I am really new to knitting so I was slightly surprised by the extreme unevenness of the Lang Montana yarn which arrived in the mail this morning – wasn't quite expecting it to be like that and panicked a bit when my test knit started to look really messy. What size needles did you use to make this wonderful cowl? Yours looks a whole lot neater than mine!

    I would be really interested to hear from you if you have a moment – I realise this is an old post but was happy to have found it if only to put my mind at rest that it is possible to make nice things with this crazy yarn! 🙂

    Thank you,


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