Mixed Results: Puerperium Cardigan in Faux Fair-Isle

Hello, everyone!
Here’s another cardigan I made for the baby’s first few weeks.
The design, Puerperium, is very popular on Ravelry.
I think it’s cute, but in retrospect, it may not be the most adequate sweater for a newborn.


First, it’s supposed to have lots and lots of buttons, which I replaced with a snap bands – the grosgrain band adding some stability to the garter stitch edge, and snaps being much easier to handle on a newborn than buttons. However, this is a ready-made snap band, and it has the farthest-spaced snaps that I could find; but I still think there are too many of them. I’ll be making my own snap bands from scratch next time.


Puerperium - snaps


The other reason why I’m not entirely sold on this for a newborn is that I realized afterhand that the yarn used for the main body (Sirdar Crofter), while lovely with its fair-isle effect, doesn’t have a high wool content. I’m so kicking myself for this – I must have had a malfunctioning neuron or two when planning this and not checking the yarn’s content better!
Besides, this doesn’t really wrap around the baby, as opposed to the other cardigans I knit. It is simply a mock wrap, closing at a side to emulate regular wrap cardigans.


Puerperium - open

Puerperium - open

As a result, this isn’t as warm as the rest of the wardrobe; it will therefore only be wearable after the first few days of adapting to room temperature, and in a well-heated room.

Ah well. It’s still sweet, and it did knit up fast, for two reasons: first, it is knit in DK weight and on 4-mm needles, as opposed to the fingering or sport weight most baby cardigans are knit in; second, and more obviously, there was less fabric to knit, as there isn’t this extra layer to wrap around!
It was also my first time sewing a band onto a handknit, something I’d been eager to try for a while, and I like the clean result. So I did learn something in the process.

Bottom line: fast and fun to make, but I probably won’t be making it again. At least not for a newborn, nor for cold temperatures.

My project page with all the details is here.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone; and for those of you going through the same icy spell we’ve been having here – stay warm! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Mixed Results: Puerperium Cardigan in Faux Fair-Isle

  1. KarenV says:

    Well, I understand that it's probably not the most practical item you've made, but I love the shape, the colours and the way the yarn patterns. Hopefully your little one will be able to wear it once or twice, at least 🙂


  2. Helene says:

    Ah, toute ta layette est vraiment charmante et fait envie, tout comme c'est un plaisir de partager ton bonheur de future maman, qui transpire dans tes billets, et surtout se lit sur les photos 😉
    On te sent très attentive à toutes ces promesses de bonheur comme à l'instant présent, et on ne peut que te souhaiter la réalisation de tous ces bonheurs pressentis !
    Quant à ce petit gilet, il me donne l'idée d'utiliser une de mes laines à chaussettes “à motifs” pour faire des petits vêtements d'enfants, l'effet est vraiment très réussi !


  3. Tini says:

    Honestly, it will be o.k.! I had very few wrap cardigans and my little ones were preemies. And my midwife and all the nurses in the hospital ensured me, that kids don't need a hat on inside! You just put on one more layer than you wear and that is in most cases the onesie…


  4. Sylvie says:

    (voyons voir si mon commentaire va passer aujourd'hui 🙂 )

    Je n'avais pas fait attention que ce joli cardigan se fermait ainsi, je pensais qu'il se fermait comme un kimono. Il ne sera peut-être pas aussi chaud que tu le pensais ni aussi facile à “boutonner” mais ta cocotte sera très jolie dedans !



  5. La Bergère Brodeuse says:

    Le chandail est vraiment joli!! Les boutons-pression sont une excellente idée. Pour un nouveau-né, tu n'auras pas ce problème, mais à partir de 6 mois, quand ils mettent tout dans leur bouche, mieux vaut mettre des boutons-pression ou de prévoir les attaches dans le dos. Ma fille à presque 11 mois et je mets certains de ses cardigans à l'envers pour que les boutons soient dans le dos. Les boutonnière tricotée sont toujours plus lâches que les boutonnières cousues. De plus, on a beau coudre les boutons le mieux du monde, ils sont toujours plus fragiles sur un tricot et j'ai toujours peur qu'elle ne les avale!! Vivement les chandails raglan avec boutons sur l'épaule ou sans bouton du tout.


  6. Margaret says:

    Oh Isabelle ~ it's lovely! =) It will work beautifully, you'll see! Baby's diaper, a long footed onesie or non-footed plus socks, and those cozy baby legwarmers, and she will be “warm as toast” (as our American expression goes). Besides, if I make my guess aright, she'll either be snuggly bundled with you which will be super-warm, or snuggly bundled in her crib. No worries at all! Wonderful mommy! =)


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