The Birthday

I cannot believe this post is almost a month late! Madame Choupie will be turning 13 months tomorrow. Oops!


Truth is, I have so much work at the moment, and I want to spend every little spare moment I have with my daughter rather than on the computer. I am sure you will all agree that is best!
At long last, here are pictures of the outfits I sewed (yes! some sewing took place in this house!) for this momentous first birthday. Sewing a dress for my daughter was something I absolutely, viscerally, had to do; and I suspect this is a necessity which I may be feeling every year, for many years to come.
Birthday Dress
The dress was made from a kit by Clothkits, a British company I only recently discovered and which is AWESOME in my opinion. The fabric is a lovely corduroy and it comes with the pattern lines pre printed on the fabric! Perfect when your sewing time is (very) spare.
The bodice part of the dress is lined with a matching cotton print.
Seeing as Clothkits also offered a matching grown-up skirt, I couldn’t resist this opportunity to make us matching outfits!


I chose to line my skirt with China silk and it feels so luxurious – I should have taken a picture of the inside, really, as the black lining looks rather classy with the red facings.

The straps of the dress turned out slightly too long, so I shortened them.


So far Madame Choupie’s second year has been nothing short of wonderful. She has been doing something new and amazing pretty much every single day. Only yesterday, she clapped her hands for the first time, and surprised us at dinner with two new words. She’ll be walking any day now!
Besides all this, though, and most importantly – she is such a JOY to be around. I believe this new year in her life is going to be all sorts of fantastic.

20 thoughts on “The Birthday

  1. Jennifer says:

    A very Happy Birthday to Madame Choupie. I love the matching outfits. So many years ago my mother made matching outfits for herself and me. I must dig up those old photos and share them with you someday.


  2. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    Je suis ravie de voir de si belles photos de toi et de ton adorable Miss Choupie ! Bravo pour sa jolie robe (et ta jupe coordonnée, trop la classe), malgré les occupations dévorantes d'une jeune maman et ton boulot, tu trouves encore le temps de coudre de jolies choses ! Et félicitations à ta soeur, une petite cousine en perspective, c'est super. .. les réunions de famille vont devenir très animées !
    Je te fais de gros bisous Ă  partager avec Seb et ta jolie louloute !


  3. treva e says:

    Joyeux Anniversarie to your daughter and you. She's beautiful! Its such and exciting time for your family. Love to see your getting a little crafting time back and that you're all on the road to being healthy again.


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