Mother-Daughter Sewing

I did it again! I made matching outfits for Choupie and me. Dressing us in similar, handmade clothes brings me so much joy – and apparently brings a smile to everyone else, too. I get so many grins and nice comments when we’re out and about as a matching mother-daughter duo. 🙂
I had high hopes to make these for my birthday on May 4, but (surprise surprise!) had once again zero time to even think of starting on them for the date. To console myself, I splurged and bought this gorgeous Liberty fabric from their Mitsi range for my birthday.

We even have matching leggings! (mine are from Patrice Bréal and have a lovely lace trim at the hem).


The pattern for both blouses is by French designer Citronille (AKA Astrid Le Provost) and is called Suzanne (women’s pattern and kids’ pattern), so we really do match exactly.

I added self-made piping to accent the front seams; I felt this added definition and a little bit of chic to the blouse.

The blouse has a roomy cut, which is why a super thin fabric such as Liberty lawn was a requisite in my opinion to keep it flattering for a grown-up, as well as pairing it with a slim-fitting bottom.
I did chop several inches off the sides and replaced the back gathers with box pleats on mine so the fabric would lie flatter. Gathers are super cute on a little one, but I try to use them judiciously in my own wardrobe. 😉

Also, since the gathers lie right above the bust, I would never have made this a year ago when Choupie was wee and nursed about a hundred times a day and I was a milk fountain. Now she only nurses two to three times per 24 hours, things are back to normal and I feel I can sport this without looking like I’m wearing a muumuu (not that there’s anything wrong with them – it’s just not the style I’m after). 🙂 I’ve actually been a few kilos below my healthy weight range for a while now, and don’t seem to manage to gain them back. Being overworked combined with having a toddler did that to me. In any case, I felt this would work on my current frame.

I cut a size 2 years for Choupie who is currently 15 months, hoping this could first start as a dress and then be used as a top, but I strongly doubt she’ll be wearing this 9 months from now, even as a top. She’s always a little ahead in clothes sizes (which feels weird to me, as I used to be way behind as a kid), but I had the mistaken feeling Citronille patterns tended to run large; they certainly do for the women’s line, but it turns out they don’t really for the children’s patterns.


35 thoughts on “Mother-Daughter Sewing

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh so lovely! I have fond memories (or perhaps 'memories' induced by old photographs) of my mother and I dressed alike in things she had made. Of course most Royal children of the Victorian Era were dressed alike also…..
    I would love to see a photo of the back of your hair style. I wear mine in a similar way and it seems you have done something quite interesting with the “bun”.


  2. Hélène says:

    Yeah, it's really a great pleasure to read you again.
    You're right, when I've seen the first pic, before reading, I've smiled : you are truly cute and beautiful together.
    You look again in good health, and I'm really happy to see your nice face like that.
    Your blouses are really pretty, I love the fabric.
    Did you plan to come at “Le Lot et la Laine” this year ? I'll be exibitor with Annette Petavy, and I would love to meet ou “in real life”. Big kisses for you and Choupie (and to P'tite Mignonne too :-).


  3. Tini says:

    so cute! I have yet to make matching outfits for me and the girls, but I doubt, that I will make it anyway, since dressing identical twins the same is not my style to begin with 🙂


  4. Tracy says:

    Soooo SWEET… the outfits and the both of you! :o) Congrats on the new niece arriving soon… And your brother getting marries soon too. Lots of happy there just now. And Choupie is up & walking… She's on the go now, no stopping her! ;o) Happy Summer ((HUGS))


  5. Anne says:

    Wonderful work on the blouses. Choupie is as adorable as she can be! Can't wait to see the sewing projects related to your brother's wedding. So fun!

    I have been asked by my son's girlfriend to make prince and princess costumes for the couple to wear to an ice-skating competition! My son is six-feet-four, and his girlfriend is perhaps a bit less than five-feet tall. Hope I'll be able to satisfy their needs.


  6. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère amie !
    Vous êtes vraiment magnifiques toutes les deux dans vos beaux atours made by maman ! Rien d'étonnant à ce que les gens vous complimentent ! De mon côté, je couds des petites robes pour Aélys, mais rien pour moi …
    Je suis allée faire un tour sur ton album, que de belles photos … et c'est tellement drôle de voir ta jolie miss grandir comme cela sous nos yeux …
    Plein de gros bisous à vous 3 !


  7. a little sewing says:

    I can't tell you how much I loved seeing these matching outfits! And I am glad you find time to post now and then. I will always keep your blog in my blogroll, so post as infrequently (or as frequently) as you like.
    It's always a pleasure to see what you are up to!


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