The Aubépine Dress

Hello everyone!
Yes, I am back already. Thanks to an impromptu photo shoot on a late-day outing after work on Thursday, I can show you my Aubépine dress, sooner than I was hoping. And with truly beautiful pictures to boot. The lighting conditions were simply ideal, with the late-aftertoon light skimming over us at the end of a gloriously sunny day, and in a beautiful natural setting. I owe my patient photographer a huge thank you for being so inspired and prolific with these pictures.
Aubépine Dress, by Deer and Doe – outer fabric in rayon, lining in cotton voile.


Aubépine is the first challenging dress I’ve managed to sew for myself since I had my daughter over two years ago. I did make a dress for my sister-in-law last summer, but I used a TNT pattern for this, so it was a no-brainer (plus I will confess, it does feel more exciting to have a new fancy dress for ME!). With Aubépine, things were completely different. New pattern, from a new-to-me indie designer (who publishes in both French and English, by the way!), with quite a few details that are more complicated than average – but also make this dress stand out in the crowd.


The rows of pintucks on the sleeves and bodice are what made me fall for this pattern in the first place. Tastefully cute, right? (what a pain they were to make right though, in this super slippery, slinky rayon fabric!).


The other design elements I really like are the scooped neckline and the care that was given in avoiding the maternity look that is often the bane of empire waistlines. This is achieved by having the waistline fall slightly lower than just below the bust, and discreet box pleats in the skirt that take away from the potentially ballooning effect of a gathered skirt.


Oh, and pockets, of course! I love me some pockets.


Eléonore Klein, the designer behind the Deer and Doe company, put a lot of thought into making this design a beautifully finished dress, with the full lining and the enclosed casing. I will definitely be sewing more from Deer and Doe – would love to make Réglisse for summer.
I substituted the tie at the waistline with an elastic, for a more streamlined look.

My only regret is that the dress is definitely too large – I made a size 36 based on my measurements, but even the 34 (smallest) size would have still been roomy. Thanks to the gathered waistline, however, which allowed me to tighten it up, I do feel it works, even though I know the fit could be better, and will definitely size down in the next one I make. I do really want to make this again – possibly in a floral print, and leaving out the pintucks, which would get lost in a busy print anyway.


This dress is definitely elegant, but can totally be worn when having fun with a toddler, as evidenced below:


Cath me if you can! Showing the tan-coloured lining in cotton voile.




Another highlight of that afternoon: our matching blue shoes.


I cannot express how supremely happy I am to be back to sewing – even in small increments, as was the case with the Aubépine dress.

I do have lots of work piled up for the weekend, BUT I did cut out the Anna dress by By Hand London yesterday night, and am hoping to manage at least a short sewing session some time before Monday – if only to cut into the fabric.

I hope you are all having a magnificent weekend, with floods of sunshine as is the case here!


19 thoughts on “The Aubépine Dress

  1. CraftyKaty says:

    I love your dress. I live in Seattle, WA and just ordered 4 Deer and Doe patterns, but sadly not the beautiful version you just made. I love the color and the pintucks! I also love your shoes! What kind are they?


  2. Speattle says:

    Oh, it is so good to see a post fro you! I wish we were having floods of sunshine in my part of the USA, but we are experiencing bucket-loads of rain and it is gray and gloomy outside. (Probably my own fault, because I washed the car yesterday!)

    I love your dress and the detailed description you have written.

    You are looking well, with roses in your cheeks!


  3. millefeuilles says:

    You look beautful, dear Isabelle! Your dress has me in awe and those shoes? You carry them off to perfection!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. Your presence made me very happy!

    I'm so glad you are well and happy too!




  4. Tracy says:

    Oh, this is a very sweet dress, Isabelle! I LOVE all those folds/tucks. The almost higher, Empire-like waistline is so flattering. The fabric choice and color is wonderful too–such a great color for you! Such sweet pics with your daughter (she is 2 already!!) Happy Days to you all there ((HUGS)) P.S. LOVE the blue shoes too–both pairs. ;o)


  5. sophie (monbouton) says:

    très belle robe qui a l'air par ailleurs extrêmement confortable ! Je pense que tu as bien fait de la coudre en viscose, ça contribue à éviter l'effet femme enceinte que j'ai pu voir avec d'autres tissus un peu plus lourds


  6. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère Isabelle !
    Ta robe est tout simplement magnifique, j'adore sa coupe et la couleur que tu as choisie ! Et elle te va à ravir, malgré le problème de taille que tu nous signales … je trouve qu'on ne le voit pas sur les photos, en tous les cas !
    Et j'aime beaucoup les photos avec ta puce, vous êtes si mignonnes toutes les deux, sagement assorties par les chaussures !
    Gros bisous à toute la famille ! Et j'ai hâte de voir tes prochaines cousettes !


  7. Tany says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see you both in such a beautiful scenery and looking so playful and beautiful! he dress is outstanding and it compliments your natural beauty so perfectly! It's like it was designed with you in mind my dearest friend!
    Many {{{HUGS}}}!!


  8. Margaret says:

    Beautiful dress – design and color, both! Lovely contrast with your shoes, and love the matching mother-daughter shoe color. 🙂 I really love those earrings, as well. So happy for you both – what a gorgeous day and a marvelous time you two were so evidently enjoying!


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