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Fluffy Fibers: Episode 13

By Hand London - Anna Dress

Download the episode (39:00) here.
Here is the direct feed and the iTunes page for the podcast.

I am Kittystitches on Ravelry and the podcast also has a Ravelry group and forum. Social media links are in the blog’s sidebar.

1. A bit of Sewing (3:19)
I mention the Sewcialists community, By Hand London, Deer and Doe, Fehr Trade patterns.

1.a Finishes

Duvet cover

– Duvet cover for my daughter
– Matching aprons for my daughter, her doll, and me – out of Simplicity 1936.
– Aubépine Dress for me, by Deer and Doe. Blogged here.

1.b In progress

Anna Dress, by By Hand London. In a Kaffe Fassett Millefiore Blue print for Rowan Fabrics. WIP pictured at top of shownotes.

1.c Upcoming
Sureau Dress, by Deer and Doe, out of a light plum chambray (a fabric named after Cambrai, a town in Northern France).

2. A bit of Knitting (20:03)


2.a Finishes
Idlewood, by Cecily Glowik McDonald, out of Cascade Eco + in Lake Chelan Heather.

2.b On the needles
Honey Cardigan, by Veera Välimäki

2.c Upcoming Projects
Finish up more UFOs; make a pullover for my daughter matching my Idlewood.

3. A (wee) bit of Crochet (23:46)

Crochet Cowl

– Cowls #1, #2 and #3 for my daughter’s childminders.
– I’ve been making two-legged bunnies for newborn babies out of a free design by Lucia Lanukas.

3. A bit of Reading (28:17)
Opening pages of D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love.

Credits: Music: Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, mvt. 3 by Joseph Haydn, played by Mario Ajero.

5 thoughts on “Fluffy Fibers: Episode 13”

  1. It was so lovely to hear your voice again (your English speaking voice is not rusty at all!)and also to learn that you are well and life is good. I would love to hear some French literature as part of a future podcast.


  2. Hello ma chère Isa !
    Oh, le tissu de ta future robe est somptueux !
    Et j'aime beaucoup le lit de ta pépette, je vois qu'on fait toutes pareilles, on les mets au ras du sol … chez nous, on a commandé une paire de lits empilables sur la redoute, et un pour chaque gremlins … je pense que le matelas est à moins de 10 cm du sol … d'ailleurs, c'est un peu galère pour repasser dessous …
    Gros bisous à toute la tribu !


  3. So many WONDERFUL projects, Isabelle! LOVE that aqua-blue cowl! And LOVE the Kaffe Fassett fabric…*swoon*… Wonderful you have a new podcast up–hooray! I hope get time to listen to it during the weekend. :o) Happy Days to you all there ((HUGS))


  4. Oh, lovely podcast, Isabelle! So good to hear from you again! 🙂 And yes, hearing some passages being read is a wonderful treat; if you read in French and then in English, doubly such a treat. It's very kind of you to do. (And I want to reassure you, being a native English speaker myself, that your spoken English is absolutely fine! Truly so.) Thank you again for a fascinating podcast, and the wonderful pattern information, as well. (I love your daughter's Montessori-inspired room decor, as well.) 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Hi there! I just found your podcast and I love it! The subject matter is so close to my heart and your unique and lovely accent keeps me mesmerised. I requested to follow you on Instagram where I am mrsemiller2008. Regarding reading Passages in French and then English: yes!! I took several years of French in school, and while I am incredibly rusty, it makes my heart sing to hear it spoken. U


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