Me Made May: Week One

Hello, all!
I am having so much fun with Me Made May! I never got organized enough to join the previous years; I wasn’t completely sure about joining this year either as my life is so full, but decided to give it a try. I certainly didn’t commit to taking a picture every day, but it turns out I did manage just that for the first week!

What I’ve found is that instead of being a chore, this has been a fantastic way to:

– reboost my interest in my handmade wardrobe; 
– rediscover old favourites that I’d tossed aside and then sadly ‘forgotten’ since the pregnancy, such as my lovely Jalie top; 
– and also, make me aware of new items I need and want to make to enrigh my wardrobe, especially basics that actually wouldn’t take much time at all to sew, such as the Day Tripper Top that I made in an hour last Friday night.
All in all, it’s been quite positive so far, way less tedious/time-consuming and even more enjoyable than I thought it would. It is so exciting to consciously plan handmade outfits everyday! I’ve been posting my outfits on Instagram and even managed to snap a (poorly lit) picture of my Damson shawlette as I was waiting for my train at 6 am on Monday. It’s not been nearly as difficult as I’d thought! Isn’t it the same with everything really – it only seems daunting and unfeasible when we look at it from afar, and don’t dare to jump in. To me it was the same with going back to sewing and then to podcasting this year.

– May 1st (International Workers’ Day): Simplicity 2891 top, made in June 2008, blogged here.

– May 2: Floral tunic – Onion 2017, made in the autumn of 2009, blogged here.

-May 3: Day Tripper Top from Pattern Anthology for a casual Saturday. I made it very quickly on the previous evening!

– May 4th was my birthday, and it was Sunday! As a special treat, I dressed my daughter and I in our matching Citronille tunics out of Liberty Mitsi. I made these in May 2013 and the blog post is here.
– May 5: It was quite chilly as I left for work and caught my train at 6 am, so I wore my Damson shawlette, knit out of Malabrigo Sock in Abril… I knit this in the very first months of expecting my daughter, which has made it extra special. I blogged about it here.

… But I was able to come home in the late afternoon and as it had got very warm, I changed into my (not yet blogged) orchid Sureau dress by Deer and Doe for a family walk!

– May 6: As it was overcast and rather chilly again, I gave new love to a long forgotten tee, my Jalie Sweetheart top. I made that one at the end of 2010.

– May 7: Another item I never got around to blogging! This is my lovely skirt from a Clothkits kit which I made in April 2013. I love the contrast between the classy black and white, and the sweetly macabre print.

As you can see, an added bonus to Me Made May is it provides a great opportunity to showcase previously unmentioned items on this blog. 🙂

I look forward to starting week 2 tomorrow, and hope it’ll be just as fun!
Who among you is participating this year? I would love to know. I know many of you already wear a handmade item every day, if not your entire fabulous outfit, but maybe you’ve pledged to document it for this month? I’m curious!

Happy May, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Me Made May: Week One

  1. Jennifer says:

    All are fabulous, but if I had to pick favorites it would be the Sweetheart top. I think I could manage to make this and that type of neckline would flatter me. I also love the print of the black and white skirt. I love birds and also the bit of dark humor involved in this print. Great work on all your outfits!!


  2. KarenP says:

    How fun! I don't have enough hand-made items to participate in Me Made May, but maybe someday… I do plan on wearing a new shawl I just finished this Sunday for Mother's Day.


  3. Hélène says:

    Wow ! Splendide, les vêtements comme les photos. J'ai failli plonger dans le Me Made May après avoir écouté ton podcast… et puis j'ai eu la flemme (shame on me…). Peut-être l'an prochain… En tout cas, j'ai du boulot, si je veux que ce soit aussi beau que toi 🙂
    Bon week end.


  4. Jenny says:

    Wonderful! I love the new Sureau dress. I am participating! I have for a few years, and this is the first year it is so easy. I guess my wardrobe is getting more and more handmade, and I am getting happier with my creations. 🙂


  5. Lisbei says:

    Hello ma chère Isa !
    Bravo pour toutes ces belles choses, quel bonheur de s'habiller avec de jolis vêtements faits main !
    J'avoue un gros faible pour ton top fait en 1 heure, je le trouve original et très classe !
    Gros bisous et bon mois de mai à toi aussi !


  6. Tracy says:

    Hi, Isabelle… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, belated! :o) FUN to see all your handmade wear-ables, Isabelle–for you & your sweet girl! You have such a great way of choosing fabrics, colors, styles. And LOVE that Damson shawlette–gorgeous yarn…*swoon*… It's been strange weather here too–one moment almost summer-like, and then earlier this week I had to wear my wool winter coat again… LOL! Happy Spring Days to you all there! ((HUGS))


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