Red Floral Anna

Hello, friends!

I recently finished another Anna dress, by By Hand London. This time I used the V neckline variation and made the skirt longer, i.e. did not shorten the pattern for the midi skirt, which is supposed to fall above knee; as I am 154 cm (a little over 5 feet) tall, it hits me at mid calf. Wearing my Olivia dress for Me Made May last Saturday reminded me how much I like that length in a dress – and I hemmed the Anna dress the next day.
This dress ended up not costing much at all to make. I found the fabric in my local fabric shop (Toto pour les Françaises !), which doesn’t often have many exciting fabrics, but did the last time I visited. This red cotton printed with a white floral pattern was 5 euro/metre and I only needed 1,5 metre. This time as well I made alterations based on the initial fit of my first Anna. I also constructed it in the same way as the first (i.e., with a slightly different construction order than the instructions call for). I am pleased with the fit, and still in love with the bodice details.
Here is a close-up of the bodice so you can see the detail of the fabric better – though I took this after wearing the dress so it is a bit wrinkled:
Red Anna Dress - close up

I will definitely be making more Annas in my future – possibly one with a fuller, gathered skirt next time. 

13 thoughts on “Red Floral Anna

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh I think I really want to get that dress pattern now! I love a cool, cotton dress, and I am loving a longer hem length lately also. I like the V-neck on this version as well. I think your little one needs an “Anna” dress as well!


  2. Angel says:

    Elle est ravissante cette robe. Elle a un petit côté années 40 très chic. Et le plombé du tissu est parfait avec ce modèle. Cela faisait un moment que je n'étais pas passée sur ton blog. Ravie de te voir de retour.


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