Me Made May: Final Recap

Hello, friends!
Here is the last wrap-up for Me Made May 2014: Week 4, and the last 3 days of May. As you will see, the weather was very changeable and made for a variety of garments.

May 22: The Summerset Top – Burda World of Fashion January 2008 # 116 top. Made in the spring of 2008.
May 23: Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Fitted t-shirt and Honey Cardigan
May 24: By Hand London Red Floral Anna Dress
May 25 – morning: Deer and Doe Plantain top and apron that matches my daughter’s (made them for her birthday in February). May 25 was Mother’s Day in France and my daughter and I started the day by baking a cake together for her friend who was visiting in the afternoon. 

May 25 – afternoon: Amsterdam top – Rowan Menorca from Summer Crochet, made in 2010, and self-drafted ruffle skirt
May 26: Simplicity 4022, made in 2008
May 27: New Look trousers and Spring Garden Tee, by Alana Dakos, knit out of organic bamboo.
May 28: Poppy Fields Dress – the Monique Dress by Sew Serendipity Studio.

May 29: I started being sick (not over it yet – nasty throat infection) and worked from home in yoga pants, my cosy Plantain top and massive crocheted shawl.
May 30: another cosy outfit with yoga pants and a Jalie Sweetheart top.
May 31 – morning: went out early for grocery shopping in my Day Tripper Top and Un-Iced jacket out of Rowan Big Wool
May 31 – rest of the day: It was super warm on Saturday and I wore my New Look 6557 in a white and light blue tiny floral. Still sick, but I was so happy to have completed Me Made May – and to be done with daily selfies, quite honestly!

A few thoughts. My initial goal was to wear me-made every day and photograph as often as possible. I ended up taking pictures for every single day but one.
May was particularly busy for me (it’s one of the craziest, if not THE craziest month in my job), and also very stressful, for the reasons started at the beginning of the previous post. Our childminder is finally back today (Monday June 3rd). The last week was also marred by my being sick – nothing too terrible, but you really, really do not feel like taking pictures when you’re exhausted and have a stuffy nose. The keyword for May was definitely tenacity.

For obvious reasons I hadn’t been able to sew a lot in the past 2 years – and more largely, have had so much less time to sew since I arrived in Southern France in 2009. I felt taking part in MMMay would provide a nice opportunity to get back into wearing handmade about every day, the way I used to before I had my daughter. 
It worked. 
I wore old favourites (like my New Loook 6557 dresses, which have gotten worn so much every single summer since I made them 8 (!) years ago. These dresses got re-assembled a couple of times to be finished more nicely (I was a very beginning sewist in 2006) and to be better adjusted (they started out being too large so I took them in a few years ago). 
I also rediscovered beautiful things that had not been given the love they deserved in the past. My Amsterdam crochet top, for instance. My Poppy Fields Dress, as well. I believe this dress is one of the very finest I’ve ever made, but I completed it as I was pregnant with my daughter and it didn’t fit comfortably within a day or two of its being made! Then for the last two summers I was unable to wear it because it wasn’t breastfeeding-friendly. This spring, as we nurse twice a day at most (and usually just once), I was finally able to wear it, along with all my beloved dresses – and to make new ones, like the Deer and Doe Sureau, and my two By Hand London Annas.
Me Made May was very exciting the first two weeks. Then it did become more tedious. Not in the wearing a handmade garment every day, but in the taking a picture every day. I grew increasingly self-conscious in posting a selfie every day to my Flickr and Instagram feeds, and I’m probably not going to make a new dress for a little while, if only NOT to have to take Yet.Another.Self.Portrait. 😉
(I used a tripod and a remote for all of the indoors pictures, by the way. Sometimes my daughter actioned the remote. She has become very skilled at it).
Also, I have been so much focusing on my sewing for this past month, that the rest got neglected. You can’t be both taking and posting pictures every day, AND knit/sew/spin on top of it. Definitely not with the kind of time I was having in May. 
So, right now I plan on concentrating on sewing clothes for little ones – my daughter and her cousin, who will be one in a week; and to practice my spinning for Tour de Fleece. Because, yes! Next event in line is Tour de Fleece, in July.

A last word in parting. If you listen to the podcast, you will, of course, know that the backdrop for my pictures are the amazing bookshelves that Seb built from scratch with my father. They fill an entire wall top to bottom, and they make me so happy.
Who among you participated in MMay this year? How do you feel as it is now complete?
Happy summer, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Me Made May: Final Recap

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh so lovely, each and every outfit! I too do not like taking photos of myself. I did not participate in Me Made May, but my dollies did! I have been sewing, sewing, sewing for them almost all of May.


  2. Lisbei says:

    Arrggggh, mon commentaire vient de passer à la trappe par maladresse … et je suis sur la brèche !
    Alors je te dirais juste que cela nous fait plaisir de voir ces belles photos de toi portant tes oeuvres, et que la robe aux coquelicots est splendide !
    Et pour les bibliothèques, je te comprends, la moitié de mes livres est en carton depuis que nous avons entamé les travaux dans les chambres, et j'attends avec impatience que mon Lutin en Chef me fasse la bibliothèque sur mesure promise pour mettre dans le salon à la place de feu notre cheminée …
    Gros bisous !


  3. Yulwen says:

    Je fais ma faignante et écris en français 😉
    Félicitations pour avoir tenu jusqu'au bout ! Tes tenues sont toutes très belles. Je rêve de robes … ça ne sera pas encore pour cette année chez nous, trop de tétées en journée encore 😉
    C'est drôle, je ne m'imaginais pas du tout votre bibliothèque comme ça. Je suis contente que tu ais mis des photos 🙂
    A bientôt !!!


  4. Tracy says:

    Hi, Isabelle! So nice to catch up with you after our travels! We go back a few days ago after a wonderful time with family and days out & about. :o) WONDERFUL month it's been with all your beautiful makes!! This has been inspiring! Tour de Fleece… love that! Fun to see you spinning. And those bookshelves are beautiful. Oh, you'll enjoying knowing I made two skirts in recent weeks. Have not posted yet, but hope too once the post-travel dust settles. This has encouraged me to try garment sewing again! Happy Summer Days to you & yours ((HUGS))


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