Fluffy Fibers: Episode 17


Download the episode (46:08) here.

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1. A BIT OF SEWING (02:00)

Little Capes

– Four little capes for 2-year-olds. See above.

– A zippered pouch to host sock knitting projects, out of Toile de Jouy.
– A matching case for my tablet using this Youtube tutorial.

Knitting bag



Let’s sew a dress, or top, or hat, or anything summer related! Let’s interpret this loosely. 🙂
There is a chatter thread on Ravelry and the Flickr group to enter your pictures – one picture per item.
Each picture will count as an entry towards a giveaway.
One post from the chatter thread will also be randomly selected for a prize.

– Onion patterns kindly provided by Maria Denmark: Onion 2017 tunic, 1032 jacket and 2009 dress, all for one winner
– Two winners will each win one pattern from Aesthetic Nest on Etsy
– One post will be randomly selected from the chat thread on Ravelry to win a set of handmade kitchen towels by our very own Speattle on Ravelry!

You can tag your related projects on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #fluffyfibersSSAL

3. A BIT OF KNITTING (15:20)
3.a Finishes

Featherweight Cardigan out of Lang Golf yarn in peacock blue. Needs photographing.

3.b In progress
Socks for me out of Biscotte & Compagnie Felix Autorayante yarn in the Cupcake colourway. I’m using Susan B. Anderson’s recipe.

3.c Future projects
Fireflies Rising Shawlette by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade.


Handspun yarn for a cardigan

– I finished spinning and plying my undyed BlueFaced Leicester for SPAKAL (spin along-knit along) hosted by the Knitmore Girls. My goal for Tour de Fleece was to spin all the singles; I was also able to ply all the singles and finish making all my yarn before the end of the Tour.
I have 940 metres/1046 yards of 3-ply yarn.
My ravelry page for this (with lots of pictures and more details) is here.

– I purchased some gorgeous fibre from Juno Fibre Arts to console myself for not attending Unwind Brighton:

Juno Fibre Arts Spinning Fibre - Teeswater and mulberry silk
Tesswater and mulberry silk
Juno Fibre Arts Spinning Fibre - BFL
Bluefaced Leicester
Juno Fibre Arts Spinning Fibre - superwash merino and nylon
Superwash Merino and Nylon

I just finished spinning the superwash merino and am preparing to ply it into a 2-ply.

2014-08-01 - junofibrearts merino-nylon

I mention Karen of the Stashless Podcast.
I share my favourite recipe for making healthy homemade Nutella.

I mention the Omniblend blender (less expensive alternative to the Vitamix).
I also mention Rapadura as an alternative to refined sugar.

Credits: Music: Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, mvt. 3 by Joseph Haydn, played by Mario Ajero.

10 thoughts on “Fluffy Fibers: Episode 17

  1. Fafa Intexas says:

    Thank you for thinking about us during a very busy time! You take me back to a time when my daughters were young and our family was so very busy!
    My grown daughters remember fondly all the items I sewed for them.
    Have a safe and make lots of wonderful memories this holiday.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Isabelle,
    C'est Déborah/Earwen,
    je suis sur ta page insta en ce moment, et je souhaite m'abonner à ta chaine. Mon pseudo Theredlady8315

    thanks 🙂


  3. Yulwen says:

    J'ai 2 1/2 épisodes de retard, donc je n'écouterai pas celui de sitôt, mais je suis tombée sur la photo avec les 4 capes et j'adore la turquoise !!! D'ailleurs K adore la sienne et l'a souvent mise avant qu'on parte.
    J'espère que vous passez de bonnes vacances. On s'écrit en rentrant 😉


  4. Speattle says:

    Oh, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday (or what we call a “vacation”) in England. I spent a summer there when I was a child when my father was in the military and stationed north of London.

    Thank you for the nutella recipe in the podcast. I am thinking I can use my cuisinart food processor. I have made other nut butters in it over the years. (I still have and use my original cuisinart that I purchased in 1977 when it was first available in the USA.)


  5. Shashi Nayagam says:

    Yum I love your fibres. Love your little capes too. Isabelle can you point me towards some nice simple patterns for silk yarns to make maybe a shrug or top. I have been trying to search patterns for silk fibres but have been unable to find any. Maybe I am putting the wrong search word not sure. Thank you in advance


  6. jenknittingaround says:

    I found your podcast through the Knitmore Girls. I loved it! The south of France is one of my favorite places to visit so I love getting a piece of it over here until I can visit again. I will hook up with you on Ravelry as well!


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