Episode 39: Festival of Unwoven Ends

You can watch the video episode here.
Audio episode is here.

Here is the iTunes page for the podcast.




Deer and Doe Plantain; earrings made by my friend Julie.


Chinese Sencha Green Tea from Thés de la Pagode – out of the most delightful teacup and saucer sent by Lola-Jojo. 🙂


I announce the launch of the Cute Dress SewAlong #CuteDressSewAlong, which will run until the first day of Spring – March 20. The idea is to sew a cute dress in preparation for Spring.


I finished making a project bag following this tutorial.

I just purchased a new sewing machine, the Janome Skyline S5.




  • Fingerless Mitts out of Goldisocks from The Wool Barn in the Enchanted colourway. The sock pattern I started out with is My Cup of Tea by Robin Lynn, who has generously shared her pattern with me so I can publish the mitts as a free pattern – upcoming soon.
  • ‘Top This’ hat by DMC for my daughter. She chose the dog kit in the taupe and white colourway.

In progress:




I have been spinning my Harlequin Bites from Fondant Fibre towards a baby blanket. I also just received fibre from Hilltop Cloud to spin more for this blanket.

I mention the Vivid Blanket by Tin Can Knits.

I also explain how I wind my singles onto bobbins for plying, using the Bobbins Up method.



Eden Cottage Yarns

Shawna of the Adelaide Cottage podcast and shop sent me a wonderful package.



Adelaide Cottage
Bakery Bears
Cocotte Knits
Holland Handmade
Little Bobbins Knits
Tiny Paper Foxes


Credits: Music: Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, mvt. 3 by Joseph Haydn, played by Mario Ajero.

3 thoughts on “Episode 39: Festival of Unwoven Ends

  1. Manon says:

    bonjour Isabelle,

    Pour répondre à votre question à l’ouverture de votre podcast, j’aime bien pouvoir télécharger les “émissions” dans ma tablette car je les écoute dans ma voiture ou lors de mes activités sportives. Comme ils prennent plus de place dans mon appareil et que, évidemment, je ne puis les “regarder”quand je circule et cela me limite un peu.

    Je comprends que le temps est limité pour l’édition et la publication sur diverses plateformes et médiums : ce sont des choix difficiles à faire.

    De toute façon, vous avez une ” gang” qui vous aime bien… cela ne devrait pas poser de problème pour la suite! 😀


  2. Ramona, CranioSacral Therapist, Toronto, Ontario Canada says:

    Hi Isabelle, I’m sorry I have never taken the time to introduce myself in your Ravelry group but after listening to this episode through my iTunes feed I knew I had to make time to write you and comment about the video vs. audio posting.

    I believe I first heard about your podcast through Yarngasm but I cannot remember now. I’ve been listening through my iTunes feed for awhile – probably close to the time you started doing video. I have not yet found the time to watch through You Tube as I have much less time to watch video podcasts than listen to audio. However, that said, I am a resounding NO to your putting in so much double effort to keep putting out a special audio podcast for listeners only. I really appreciate the enormous amount of work it takes to put a podcast out for our entertainment, and you do that all in your “spare” time, for free. Emily of Knitting Butterflies also recently started recording in video and she still puts out her audio in the iTunes feed. I don’t get to see what you are talking about but I do hear news and a big reason I listen to you is that I love the sound of your voice and your accent (by the way, I didn’t take time to comment when you asked, but your English is so good that at first I misunderstood your tagline about the French podcast in English and thought your were English living in France).

    I never expect podcasters to go to special efforts for me. If you have made the decision to record in video format then I do not resent the fact that I can’t see what you are talking about. It’s totally understandable that sometimes the audio won’t make as much sense but that is fine.

    I only used iTunes at the moment to download my podcasts. I do know there is a way to get video podcasts on there since I do watch a small number of video podcasts through that feed. If it is not very expensive for you, then it would be great if the audio could continue to come through iTunes, but without the extra effort on your part to edit it. If you decide to let go of the audio feed, that is totally understandable. I hope to figure out how to watch the video podcasts on my TV, but I do spend a lot of time outside the home and currently I don’t know if there is a way to download the You Tube videos so I’m not using up data to watch them away from a wifi connection.

    I hope that helps answer your call for feedback. Thank you so much for all your efforts and know that wherever you land on the issue, you are very much appreciated.



  3. Margaret says:

    Hello Isabelle,
    I so much want to wish you congratulations on your pregnancy! What lovely news, how wonderful for you and Seb, and how exciting for your daughter. I am so very happy for you. 🙂


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