An Autumnal Outfit: Agnes and Elsie

2017-09-22elsie-skirt-agnes-top_spread2 - 1 (1).jpg

Hello, friends!

Here is an outfit I put together for the beginning of Autumn. The top is the famous Agnes by Tilly and the Buttons, and the skirt is from the stunning Elsie dress by Sew Over It, which also has a skirt version.

2017-09-22elsie-skirt-agnes-top_front2 - 1 (1)

The top is part of my endeavour this year to incorporate more basics into my handmade wardrobe, so that I can really wear handmade 100% of the time. White t-shirts definitely fit into the basics category, although this one is a basic with a bit more oomph! This is my first Agnes top, and I love the boat neckline, the fit, and the gorgeous sleeves. All good things. The fit was spot on the first time around. It also looks great over jeans. I have a lovely stripy jersey that is all ready to be cut into another Agnes soon.

Fabric: a super simple cotton knit from my local Toto. It is on the thinner side, but worked out well in the end.

2017-09-22elsie-skirt-agnes-top_spread1 - 1 (1)

The skirt is of course the focal point of this outfit.

Fabric: We very rarely go to Ikea, but happened to be there over the summer and of course I couldn’t help perusing the fabric section. My daughter and I fell in love with this print. I bought 3 metres and promised my daughter I’d make us matching skirts (I have yet to make hers!). This is a very heavy woven cotton on the coarser side (the technical term for this weave I believe is reps).

The pattern asks for 3.2 metres of fabric for the skirt, but I cut the smallest size and removed a bit of length, and was able to use only 2 metres. I did hack off some more length after constructing the skirt so it reaches down to mid-calf on my petite figure.

The construction of the skirt is very straightforward and goes rather fast. For some reason I find a lot of satisfaction in forming pleats or darts, so I had a great time making this up.

2017-09-22elsie-skirt-agnes-top_front3 - 1 (1)

Alterations: Apart from adjusting the length to my measurements, the one major alteration I did was to make the waistband half as high as the pattern piece. Wide waistbands just don’t work on my shorter frame – they are neither flattering, nor comfortable.

2017-09-22elsie-skirt-agnes-top_side1 - 1 (1)

Conclusion: I definitely have an Elsie dress in my future, but now that the weather has turned it may have to wait until next spring. I find this a lovely, happy prospect indeed. An Elsie skirt to celebrate Autumn, and a future Elsie dress to welcome Spring!

2017-09-22elsie-skirt-agnes-top_back - 1 (1)

3 thoughts on “An Autumnal Outfit: Agnes and Elsie

  1. Shashi says:

    It is a beautiful print and the skirt is beautifully stitched. Last Saturday went to the knitting and stitching show and bought a beautiful Liberty fabric to make a top. I thought of you immediately. If it was you you would know which pattern to use. I did buy a pattern but now I think it may not be suitable for this fabric. 😔


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